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Organic Car Cleaning


Smell the fresh air

Quite a few of my friends like to jokingly call me an environmentalist. I have thick skin and let it roll off my shoulders, but somewhere in the back of my head I think it may be true. Funny thing is, if being an environmentalist means I care about what kind of food I eat and about the environment, then I really don’t mind being an environmentalist.

I shop at the local health food store and while it’s a bit pricier, I know it’s worth it. I always try to buy locally as much as possible, and things that are in season. This cuts down on the gas (exhaust fumes are not great for the ozone, but I’m sure you knew that already) that trucks have to use to ship things long distances when delivering food.

I’m very fortunate that my son also prefers to eat organically. He is a crafty young man (I like to think he takes after his father) and prefer a nice organic piece of fruit to most sugary things. I got very lucky in that department. I have a friend who has a kid that will pretty much only eat white bread and peanut butter sandwiches, what a nightmare.

There are other small ways I try to do things to reduce my carbon footprint. I had the house weatherproofed to cut back on the oil for heat in the winter, I recycle and I drive a hybrid car (when I’m not riding my bike). But the best thing I’ve recently come across is how I clean my car:

I found professional detailers who employ eco friendly steam cleaning methods – both on the inside and on the outside of your vehicle.

Yep, you heard me right. Eco consciousness has now entered the car wash industry as well. DetailXPerts uses steam and all organic cleaning products to provide you with professional detailing servcies. The best part is the steam – it only takes one pint of water to clean my entire Malibu!

There’s the added bonus that there is not the normal car cleaning mess some other guys create. There is no water runoff filled with toxic chemicals getting on the ground or going into storm drains to get all mixed up with the water supply or flow into the ocean and harm the fragile eco system there.

They come to you, wherever you are, and take care of everything. The staff is very friendly and it’s quite an effortless way to take care of what used to be a huge hassle. Not many people want to have to clean their car after a week of hard work and kids to look after on the weekends.

I’m so happy about my recent discovery that I’ve told all of my friends. They even do interior steam cleaning! That means that all of the upholstery gets a through go over, and since it’s steam it kills any bacteria that may be lurking around.

My friends still call me an environmentalist, but many of them are also now regular clients of DetailXPerts.

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