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Professional Detailing Services Are a Great Stress Reliever

Professional Detailing Services Are a Great Stress Reliever

Below is a comment that we received from one of our clients. Amazing, huh?

Angela Williams,
President of DetailXPerts Car Wash Franchise

As a third grade teacher, I’m a bit of a workaholic. You really have to be with kids that age. Sometimes they act up, and there’s all the test correcting and lesson plans and a myriad of other things to do. I have kids of my own at home, but they are all in their teenage years and thankfully are not your typical angst ridden ones- they are well behaved and get great grades in school.

Because of the fact that I don’t have that much spare time, a few things have to fall by the wayside. That’s all fine and dandy on most things- as I’ve learned to not let the small stuff get to me. Sometimes the dishes stay in the sink overnight. Sometimes I drive a couple extra miles before I have my oil changed.

But there is one thing about my car that up until recently would drive me nuts. I spend so much time in it, between going to work and picking up the kids from school and everything else. Sometimes it gets a little messy.

That was until I found out about DetailXPerts.

You know that fresh new car smell that you enjoy while you’re driving one off of the lot? Did you know that you can create that whenever you want? With the professional detailing services that DetailXPerts provides, you can do just that.

The best part – they come to you. I can be at work and they will come in for the keys. I then know that I’ll get to drive home (or wherever else I need to go) in a shiny car that’s completely spotless and smells great. That’s a nice way to end a hectic day of working.

The other thing that is great about them is that they can do all of this with one pint of water. How is that possible, you ask? They have a patented system that uses the power of steam to clean everything. This is great for both the environment and your car.

All of the cleaning supplies that they use are organic and non-toxic, so it’s definitely eco-friendly. Because of the steam, there’s not the usual mess of water all over place with soap in it, running into sewer drains and entering our water tables.

The steam also kills bacteria, which can be pretty prolific in even the cleanest of cars. These bacteria can lead to all sorts of health problems, which is obvious if you consider the fact that most people spend a fair amount of time in their cars and it’s a small enclosed area.

Ever since I called the guys over at DetailXPerts, I’ve been more than happy. It’s knowing that I will be able to drive in a clean, safe car that was made that way while harming the environment. That’s a pretty good feeling.

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