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Drive-through Car Wash: Which to Use and Which to Avoid

Drive-through Car Wash: Which to Use and Which to AvoidAre drive-through car washes really safe for your car? I guess it really depends on the type of drive-through car wash you use. Car washes are more popular than ever because most of the time people are in a hurry or have no other place to clean their car. Car washes have come such a long way since they began in the 1940s when they were somewhat of a luxury. If you drive down the street you will notice that no two car washes next to each other are the same.

Here are some disadvantages drive-through car washes have.

Majority of the drive-through car washes that everyday people use have giant cloth brushes that swirl around your car to give it a good rubbing. These giant brushes work and work to give your car a gentler fresher look. Except for the fact that the giant brushes get filthy as they wash more and more cars through the day and the chances of getting other people’s dirt on your car is very high. Other car washes, on the other hand, use only high pressured water and cleaning chemicals, instead of brushes using friction to clean the car. The power of water mixed with chemicals creates its own type of friction.

In all honesty if you want to protect the paint life on your car you will have to do some research on the drive-through car wash in your area. As you know not all car washes are the same. So, it is your job to be the detective and search high and low for the most qualified drive-through car wash for you and your car. With the right help and guidance finding the car wash for you will be a cinch.

“Touchless” Car Wash is the best option is a drive-through car wash is needed.

With the system being touch-less, it eliminates the possibility of your car being scratched during the cleaning process. With some touch-less washes, the client has the option of making the car wash environmentally friendly by using recycled water, and using environmentally responsible detergents. Once the cleaning is done the vehicle will be rinsed with a spot-free rinse.

Perhaps a “touchless” car wash is not available. And the last resort is the drive-through car was down the street.

Avoid drive-through car wash businesses that do one or more of these:

    • Beware of car washes that re-use their water. Some car washes do not treat the water enough to remove elements like salt from previous users which can cause rust and harm to your car.
    • Avoid systems that use high pressure water and detergent to loosen up build up could potentially damage the finish of the exterior.
    • Be cautious of your vehicle driven onto a specific platform to take the car through the car wash, and these platforms can put scratches in wheel rims if driven on incorrectly.
    • Watch out for the after-wash wipe-down. Most drive-through washes use a strong jet of heated air to force excess water off after the car goes through the wash.
    • Think twice car washes that use abrasive brushes. These brushes can leave small scratches in a car’s finish.

Professional detailers know that it takes a lot of care to bring out the best in your car. DetailXPerts suggests that you use drive-through car washes only in emergency situations. If you want the quality of your paint to last and hold its shine, avoid touching the cars surface with cleaning devices. This is why we at DetailXPerts Car Wash Franchise recommend if you have a new car and you would like its shine to last for a long time then it is better for you to have it cleaned manually – use hand car wash services for best results on both your vehicle and the environment.

6 Responses to “Drive-through Car Wash: Which to Use and Which to Avoid”

  1. Hello, i am very very interested in establishing a drive through car wash so i would like to know all the charges needed for the whole machinery. Am in botswana.

  2. detailxperts says:

    Hi there, thanks for your post. Someone from our office will be in touch with you shortly. What interested you the most? ~ Angela

  3. snitsky999 says:

    First off the article should tell you to avoid gas station car washes at all costs. I went to one gas station car wash and the car wash scratched the car with the blow dryer. I went to another gas station car wash and my car wasn’t even fully cleaned. I prefer touchless car washes if possible as the car comes out really clean from them and no harm is ever done. Around here a basic car wash at a touchless place is $8 and up to $13 with all of the extras.

  4. detailxperts says:

    Snitsky999, thanks for your input. It seems that you had a bad experience with gas station car washes. Remember that not all of them are bad.

  5. Malik says:

    Hi there , i am very very interested in
    starting a drive through car wash so i
    would like to know all the charges needed
    for the whole machinery, im in a country that has no drive through or touch less car wash and id like to have the opportunity to be the first.

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