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Boat Detailing and Mold Removal

Boat Detailing & Mold RemovalBoat detailing is a skillful job because its interiors and exteriors both get affected with mold and mildew. Boat detailing is needed at least once a year or sometimes twice when you see a lot of mold build up on the surface. Detailing is a good overhaul of your boat that involves washing, waxing and polishing of the exterior side of the boat. It is not just cleaning or scrubbing of the interior but it ensures that all the fixtures are clean and in the correct place.

Boats mostly stay in the water and that is why many parts pick up moisture. Humid conditions offer a fertile ground for mold growth. Mold is a fungus that builds growth on various kinds of damp and decaying organic matter. This is the reason they are more prominently found on the interiors and exteriors surfaces of boats.

Mold poses several health hazards,

such as, asthma and other illnesses and need to be removed. Over a period, boats may also develop a foul odor if mold is not removed from the affected parts. Boats need periodic detailing because they are exposed to salt water, sun rays, oil and grease and other harmful elements that usually damage external surface.

There are ways and means to remove mold from the affected areas of the boat. Seats and upholstery, if they are detachable, can be removed and dried in the open. Mold cannot stand in sunlight and when sun rays are allowed to enter and fall on the affected areas then that can also help reduce the mold and serve the purpose. Good air circulation or ventilation could be an effective way for drying the areas of the boat during fall and winter

If you still find mold on your boat,

then you have some more options to deal with the issue. DetailXPerts has devised a novel and effective way to detail your boat and to get rid of molds and mildews. Molds do not survive at higher temperatures. DetailXPerts uses steam and specially formulated chemicals to provide ultimate in boat detailing. They have partnered with one of the premier boating experts in the industry to provide boat detailing.

Your boat needs proper attention and care during initial periods to retain its value and glitter. Any neglect on its proper care may reduce its resale value significantly. Professional detailing services from DetailXPerts can keep your boat as new as possible. Hand waxing service gives it a fresh look, enhancing its value. Hull and topsides exterior are also detailed as per the need. Our detailing experts perform the task so skillfully that boat owners continue patronizing them year after year.

Steam boat wash is an eco friendly and green way of washing. Traditional wash uses harsh detergents that spoil environment and interiors. Steam cleaning on the other hand helps preserve the finish of interior of your boat. Boat detailing is done with safe steam temperature of 177 degrees that sterilizes and sanitizes the boat from harmful bacteria and germs giving you extra safety.

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