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How to Detail a Motorcycle

Detailing MotorcycleThe Motorcycle – An American Favorite

There are many facets of a motorcycle today.  The options are unlimited now as many use them as the main source of recreation and transportation. The motorcycle has been an American fascination for over 100 years, and its notoriety continues to grow. Motorcycles are trendy vehicles that are known for its power, style and long drive. Throughout this rich history of bike and rider, motorcycle care has evolved as well.

There is a need for specialty products that will help develop to clean, protect, maintain, and accommodate to the unique needs of the motorcycle. Let’s face it; on a motorcycle the interior is on the exterior. However, motorcycle detailing should be fun. Virtually, to detail a motorcycle should be performed out of direct sunlight. Your bike’s surfaces should be cool when you apply cleaning solutions to them.

Detailing can be fun and rewarding.  While sitting on its saddle you want to ensure that they look clean and shining. Regular cleaning of motorbikes at your own backyard can save you time. Water is considered the most usual way of cleaning; however, some other advanced ways of cleaning are available replacing water such as liquid cleaner, steam cleaning that uses almost nil water.

Detailing Motorcycle using liquid cleaners:

If you are short of time, better use readily available liquid cleaners in the market. Spraying liquid cleaners on the surface of the motorbike will quickly pick up dirt and grime due to electrostatic principle. Rub the surface a little bit using a sponge and then wipe it after a few seconds using a cotton cloth. Liquid cleaner helps remove the oil marks, tar along with dirt. The process does not take much time and quite suitable during a hectic schedule.

Professional Motorcycle Detailing:

If you want to get your bike cleaned by a pro in a more eco-friendly manner, you can avail the facility of a steam cleaning service provider. The advantage with steam is that it will break loose all sticky materials. Steam will also sanitize certain important parts such as saddle or seat, handle-grips. It is not advisable to apply any petroleum based cleaners on your motorbike. Even though they quickly remove grease and grime, they tend to deteriorate vinyl and rubber parts. They also spoil our environment immensely.

Here are some tips on how to detail a motorcycle personally.

    • Get it Ready: This means that you will want to get it off the ground if possible. This allows for better detailing of the wheels. If you are using a bike lift, you may want to enlist the help of a second person.
    • Remove Parts: Anything that will get in the way such as: windshield, sissy bar, saddlebags, side panels and any other accessory that prevents you from access to the main components you will want to be detailed.
    • Divide into Sections: This will allow you to concentrate on a small portion of the bike at a time so that you are able to pay attention to detail. An easy way to do this is make a left and right side, then divide the bike into three: Front (front wheel, fender and fork); Middle – (gas tank, engine, exhaust and seat) and Rear – (rear wheel, fender and suspension.)
    • Choose a Side: You can start with the wheels. Start at one end of the motorcycle and work your way around on each of the sections you set up in the beginning, rinsing after each one. You can start by spraying a tire cleaner on the tire and wheel. While that is soaking, you can scrub the sidewalls.

Motorcycle Detailing - Waxing

  • Clean the Body: At this point, the bike is scrubbed and brightened up. You can just use a good soap and water from a bucket and wash with a soft cloth. Afterwards, make sure you give it a good rinse, perhaps using a special nozzle on the garden hose. You can also spray down the parts you removed before you get ready to put them back on your motorcycle..

Finally, your motorcycle should be dried off. As an optional step, you can add some final touches like wax, lacquer on your tire walls, tire shine, chrome polishers and other products that will make your motorcycle stand out from the rest. Motorcycle has a small surface area where you really need to apply wax. You can also apply synthetic coating if tight schedule do not permit you to do the waxing job. However, for a bright shining look rubbing a carnauba wax of good make is must.

DetailXPerts is dedicated to serving you with the specific products to ensure the proper maintenance and enhance the beauty of your motorcycle. We offer the same professional quality results for your motorcycle that you have come to expect from our automotive detailing. We have the specialized tools, an excellent knowledge of motorcycles, and an eye for every detail which come together to transform your weekend toy back to its original “Showroom Shine.”

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  2. […] carnauba wax (we’ve mentioned it before in relation to motorcycle detailing) and synthetic polymer sealant are equally effective at sealing in your car’s freshly-cleaned […]


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