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Top 4 Scratch Removers that Really Work

Car Scratch Remover Sample HoodWith lots of car scratch removers on the market today, we all ask the same question – do they really work? Many people would assume a product called a “scratch remover” would remove all scratches from a car’s paint. But after testing a few do-it-yourself scratch removers, I found they have their limitations.

Car scratches can be as annoying as a baby in the back seat crying nonstop. On that note, let us start our hunt for the best brand of car scratch remover on the market.

  1. Turtle Wax – Scratch & Swirl Remover

    Reviews about Turtle Wax say that it is very easy to apply but is so hard to remove. It is not advisable to use this product on large areas to remove scratches. Although it has been receiving great reviews and even mentioned as one of the Top 4 Auto Detailing products posted in National News Today. Turtle Wax Ice seems to be the newest detailing product on the market today. Turtle Wax Ice works best on surfaces like plastic and rubber. However, some detail technicians say that it is difficult to remove and its effect does not last longer than a week.

    Turtle wax is a brand known across the country. It’s great for small scratches on small surface areas. It works best on plastic and rubber surfaces.

  2. Quixx Repair System – High Performance Scratch Remover

    Because hiring someone to do a professional paint job can be quite costly, some people look for cheaper options. One option is to use products like Quixx Repair System which offers top scratch removing effects. Unlike other scratch removers, Quixx Repair System can deal with deep scratches. Customers rate the product 4 out of 5 stars. Directions should be followed carefully especially if it is your first time to use this product. Consult a professional detailing company if need be. Here’s an interesting video about this product:

  3. Nu Finish Scratch Doctor

    Nu Finish got a fair score on reviews as it is effective to use on small scratches but not on deeper scratches. According to a review on Amazon, if the scratch does not go beyond the clear coat layer, then the Nu Finish Scratch Doctor can deal with it. Otherwise, it would be better to consult a professional detailing expert.

  4. Meguiars Scratch X

    Clean You Car says, “A must have for collectors and enthusiasts.” Meguiars Scratch X is a product tough enough to get rid of fine scratches but gentle enough not to damage your vehicle’s paint. It is also effective on swirls, light blemishes and oxidation. It is a highly rated non-abrasive product.

With all the products listed above it’s now time to answer our initial question: Do car scratch removers really work?

What it boils down to is they all can remove very light scratches and imperfections, such as swirl marks, hazing, or oxidation. You must be careful not to make the condition worse. Which brand to use will depend on a few things: your preference and the size of the surface area which needs treatment. Most of the scratch removing products on the market today can only remove small scratches. As for deep scratches, Quixx Repair System – High Performance Scratch Remover is the only one that can remove deep scratches. But I would like again to stress that it will still depend on the depth of the scratch. If it is too deep to run your nails into it, professional detailing services will always be the wiser choice.

Tell us in the comment – what car scratch remover do YOU use and why?

40 Responses to “Top 4 Scratch Removers that Really Work”

  1. […] of your scratches in the same direction. A non-abrasive product, on the other hand, does not create any scratches onto the finish so it shouldn’t matter which direction you […]

  2. I have used all the scratch remover products that you have stated above and have found that Turtle Wax Scratch and Swirl remover works best for me. So much in fact that I use it within my car body repair business.

  3. EB says:

    It’s been receiving “grave” reviews? You realise that’s a bad thing right? I think you mean great reviews.

  4. Hi EB, we meant to use “grave” reviews. The reviews seem to give cause for alarm due how difficult it is to remove the wax. Have you used Turtle Wax before? If so, what was your experience? ~ Angela

  5. 4.Meguiars Scratch X is the one I use and its very effective

  6. Great. Just got a question about paste wax. There are some good reason to use paste wax. For example, you have a classic car that really needs a “sprucing up”, you can use paste wax. Give the wax the time it needs to shine it up. It all depends. Do you ever use paste wax?

  7. rahel says:

    in turtle wax the disadvantages you’ve wrote that the effects do not last longer than a week,,what do u mean in this? do u mean that after one week the area will change to the same like before applying the compound?

  8. Rahel, after waxing your car, your car has a high gloss. After a week that high gloss is nearly gone when using turtle wax. It’s not necessarily the same as before yet, but it doesn’t look as good as when you put the wax on. Have you used Turtle wax? What’s been your experience?

  9. Turtlesarehot says:

    I bought a brand new dark colored car recently (my first that wasn’t a light color) and am already noticing swirl marks in the clear coat in bright light conditions. I bought a bottle of the Turtle Wax Scratch and Swirl Remover and am waiting until the weather cools off a bit to try it out. The scratches are incredibly fine (can only be seen from certain angles in certain lighting) so i’m hoping this will do the trick.

  10. Hi there. How do you clean your car? Any idea where the swirl marks are coming from? ~ Annette

  11. sr21nine says:

    Detailing experts, there are too many of them with no expertise. I’ve been in the business 45 years and have seen everything come and go. There is no scratch remover available unless you consult a professional detail shop. There is dry buff and wet buff. I won’t use Turtle Wax on a bicycle, it’s all about process and technique. 3M bought out Meguiars some years back, so you can expect high prices for an inferior product, unless you use M-105/M-205 and the proper equipment, then you will lose all your scratches..

  12. Hi there! How often do you use M-105/M-205? Do you find that clients are satisfied with the results? We appreciate talking to experts, like yourself. ~ Annette

  13. gordon says:

    Nu Finish Scratch Doctor works well for light scratches, scuff marks, and swirls. It is easy to use and takes out about 60 per cent of the problem. Dark paint jobs show everything including the swirls marks from car wash brushes or dealer prep jockey boys.

  14. Gordon, how do you handle dark paint jobs? Lots of our readers are looking for options. We have our techniques, but always open to hear what others do. ~ Annette

  15. HLJ says:

    Some 20 years ago, I purchased a 92 BMW. By the way, I still have it. Took it back to the dealer to have a rear-deck spoiler put on. In the process, the kid affixing the spoiler completely scratched up the rear driver side quarter panel. I couldn’t believe it! The manager went inside got some type of 3M product and hand buffed the quarter panel for about 20 minutes. All of the scratches were gone and have never returned. Sure wish I knew what 3M product he used.

  16. HLJ, We researched 3M products in the past and haven’t run across one that does what you describe. Let us know if you think of the name, we’d be happy to test it. ~ Annette

  17. TA'Phawn Bryant says:

    I have a blue ray metalic 2013 camero went xmas shopping someone key my car. Its a white thin line not a service but a lil deep 10′ to 12′ long what can I use .

  18. TA'Phawn Bryant says:

    Oops!!! surface scratch

  19. TA’Phawn, thank you for adding the extra comment – that it’s a surface scratch. For surface scratches vs. deep scratches, you can use a premium wax filler. It will not only fill the surface; it will also give you a high gloss shine. On rare occasions you may have to treat it more than once. Have you used a premium wax filler before? ~ Annette

  20. nick says:

    Hey EB you were quick to post the word grave being used in the wrong context but maybe you should check yourself first.In your post you spelled realize “realise”.I could imagine you pronouncing it like that.Lmao

  21. […] scratches can mar the aesthetics and decrease the value of any car. This is why you look for car scratch removers which promise to solve that perennial problem. Among the products that has recently caught the […]

  22. albert says:

    Does Meguiars scratch x really work to take out scratches of my car

  23. bill says:

    I have a silver mrs that the local racoon put in some nasty scratches but they seem to be only surface deep in the clear coat. No metal is showing& when u rub your hand over the scratch its smooth. Will nu finish work ok>

  24. […] Car scratch removers have been a popular addition to the auto detailing product market, especially since they are useful for DIY paint repair jobs. According to consumer reviews, Nu Finish Scratch Doctor and Quixx High Performance Scratch Remover are two of the best products in terms of effectiveness. However, both scratch removers have their differences when it comes to criteria such as the method of application, the type of scratches they work on, price, etc. Which product delivers the quick and the most effective results for a reasonable price? Let’s find out. […]

  25. angie ellingston says:

    I have a 2001 chevy s10 pickup and my grandkid rubbed it with fine grid sandpaper but left lots of scratches in the clearcoat what scatch remover kits would be best for me to use on that my truck really looks bad there are ALOT of scratches

  26. Liberty Baldivino says:

    Hi Angie,
    Thank you for visiting our site.
    We understand how you feel. A truck with lots of scratches is definitely not a pretty sight to behold.
    It would have been easier to suggest a product if you sent a photo of the scratches so we can properly assess the extent and the depth of the damage to the clear coat. If they are hairline scratches, then buffing and polishing your truck’s surface or applying one of the featured products here may do the trick. Now, if the scratches are deeper, then, only expert detailers can help you.
    All the products we have featured are effective but you have to understand that these only work for small, minor scratches. Some do work for larger ones but only for a short period of time.
    Please don’t ignore your truck’s condition. A damaged clear coat can lead to more serious and expensive repairs later on.


  27. Annie says:

    I just use the Turtle Wax – Scratch & Swirl Remover on the hood of my car to remove some minor scratches. It wasn’t hard to remove but did zip zero nada to remove anything. I glad it was cheap, $2.47 at Wal-Mart, even at that price it was a waste of money.

  28. Liberty Baldovino says:

    Hi Annie,
    Sorry to hear about that. Have you also tried the other products listed here? You might also want to check out this post:

  29. Liberty Baldovino says:

    Hi Bill,
    Thanks for reading our blog. We appreciate it.
    Yes, if the surface is smooth, Nu Finish can provide a temporary solution. Think of it as a band-aid treatment for those scratches.You may also want to read to the following posts:,,

  30. […] which car scratch removers really work? Below are two popular […]

  31. […] 3.      Nail Polish This colorful fingernail companion is also a good car scratch remover. Some scratches cannot be removed by buffing or sanding so the best way to deal with them is to cover them up. Nail polish is available in a variety of colors that can match any and every car color there is available, which makes it an effective alternative car scratch remover. You just need to look for the closest color to your car paint that you can find and apply evenly so that the scratch will no longer be visible. If you can still see the scratch after application, you can try car scratch removers available in the market. […]

  32. […] Car scratch repair kits are extremely popular among vehicle owners due to them being a quick and easy fix for clear coat scratches. They contain a rubbing compound that successfully hides scratches and swirls, e.g. Nu Finish Scratch Doctor. A repair kit such as QUIXX High Performance Scratch Remover is equipped with rubbing compound, polishing cloths and sand paper, to remove both surface and deep scratches. […]

  33. […] had your car for several years already. Sometimes, you just need to buff your car if you want to remove minor scratches and scrapes, but you are confronted with how to buff your car. Look no further, and grab the tips on how to […]

  34. Doug says:

    Used 2 diff turtle wax scratch n shine remover on my black harley….DID NUTHIN didley sqat
    Same shine as anthying else but still got all the tiny little scratches..
    Taken back to the shop like the fist one…

  35. Liberty Baldovino says:

    Hi Doug,

    Sad to hear that they didn’t work for you. How deep were those tiny little scratches? Can you show us some pictures?

  36. […] again. Use a soft towel and clean water for washing the area. This will get rid of all leftover car scratch remover. Don’t skip this step – any remaining compound will be very difficult to remove once it […]

  37. My dog just decided to chase a cat under my black bmw there are scratches all over my hood but not all are and because they show white does that mean that they are paste the black paint rub out point i’m devastated my husband is going kill us both lol n/r

  38. Liberty Baldovino says:

    Hi Leann,

    So sorry to hear that. Can you please show us some photos of your car’s scratches so we can assess the damage done? Without the photos, we cannot recommend any solution. You can send the photos to

  39. Darian D. says:

    My son has a white Pontiac G6 , parked next to house that was being painted. He used Goo Gone and 3000 pad to get paint off then when washed and dried the results are sad. Swirl and burn marks all over the hood. I can see some swirls deep through the clear coat. Is there a product to use to clean this up. Wondering about the Turttle Wax Scratch and Swirl remover

  40. Liberty Baldovino says:

    Hi Darian D.,

    So sad to hear that. Please send some photos of the damaged areas so we can properly assess and suggest possible solutions/remedies. Thanks!


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