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How to Remove Chocolate Stains from Car’s Interior?

how to remove chocolate stains from car interior Wondering how to remove chocolate stains from your car’s interior?

If you have kids, then having chocolate stains on your it comes as no big surprise that your car’s interior contains chocolate stains. These stains definitely look damaging but through proper cleaning supplies and methods, you can easily remove them.

It is always important that you act quickly so that you can prevent the stains from setting deeply. If you leave the stain for a long time, the chocolate is bound to seep deeply inside the upholstery fibers and this will make the stain removal process a lot more difficult.

You will be surprised to learn that even old chocolate stains are removable, considering you have not carried out any improper cleaning methods which have led to the permanent staining of your car’s upholstery. In case of real, tough chocolate stains, you must take the help of mobile auto detailing experts.

Removing Chocolate Stains from the Car’s Interior

    1. Scraping off the chocolate residue: Use a dull knife to take off any of the remaining chocolate pieces that is stuck to the car’s upholstery. Make sure that you gently lift up the chocolate residue with the knife and do not smear it onto the unaffected areas.
    2. Make use of dish soap: Use a squirt of dish soap on a clean and damp cloth and gently use the cloth over the stain, to blot it. Do not rub or scrub it as this can send the stain in to the deeper levels of the upholstery fibers.
    3. Use a white, dry cloth: Utilize a dry, white cloth and blot it onto the damp surface till it is almost dry. Repeat step 2 and 3 a couple of times, before the area looks completely clean.
    4. Sponge the area: Use a clean cloth and dip it into clear water. Then, apply it onto the stained area so that you can remove off any of the soap residue. Blot the area dry with the help of a dry cloth.
    5. For Tough Chocolate Stains: If you find that the chocolate stains could not be removed with the help of dish soap, then you can make use of dry cleaning solvent especially in the case when the upholstery is not water safe such as it is made from microfiber materials.

By following the above suggestions, you can free your car’s interior from chocolate stains. However, if you have real tough chocolate stains, then you have to take the help of professional detailers.

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