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When to Use Clay in Detailing Your Car?

When to Use Clay in Detailing Your Car Most car owners might be unaware of the concept of detailing clay and when and where to use it on your vehicle. In a gist, auto detailing clay is a necessity for all cars as this process has the capacity to remove dirt from the car paint which a drive-thrucar wash cannot.

In order to carry out this process, auto detailing clay bar contains a resin compound that is engineered in such a way that it aids in removing contaminants from the car paint surface and also from glass, metal and fiberglass.

Both natural and synthetic detailing clay are available in the market although most of the manufacturers prefer to use synthetic clays. Auto detailing clay is best done under the professional supervision of mobile auto detailers.

Auto detailing clay is not any different from the colorful clay that you played with when you were a child. However, the auto detailing clay has a number of characteristics added into it. For instance, detailing clay is more elastic which is essential for the clay to perform its due function. The extra elasticity of the detailing clay allows it to be extremely durable which allows it to be rolled, smashed, flattened and stretched. Also, detailing clay has the important feature of being able to with stand the tough contaminants such as brake dust and industrial fallout. You will be surprised to learn that these contaminants are extremely dangerous and they have the ability to pierce on to car paints, metals and glass and they tend to get stuck to your car paint even through rain and car washes. The only way through which you can get rid of these contaminants is through detailing clay.

How Frequently You Should Use a Clay Bar?

There is no set schedule for clay detailing your car. How often you wash your car and where your car is garaged are the two main factors which decide the frequency of clay detailing. However, it is not so tough to decide when you need to use clay and you can make this decision by yourself. You can do this little test by feeling the condition of the paint just after the car wash. If you feel that the car paint is bumpy or rough, then it is definitely time to use the clay. On an average, professional detailing experts recommend that car owners should perform auto clay detailing at least 3-4 times a year.

Washing your car is not adequate enough and you must indulge in clay detailing your car as often as required so that you can keep your car in its best condition.

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