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Car Wash Cloth Types

car-wash-clothThe main uses of a good car wash cloth are with regards to the general cleaning of your car, drying, dusting and detailing as well. The car wash cloth also helps to keep your car free from spots, streaks and drip lines. If you are finding it difficult in choosing the correct wash cloth, here are a few pointers from our professional team:

Window Towels

This type of car wash cloth is made from cotton and they are not only absorbent but they are lint-free as well. However, you must ensure not to use the same towel both for cleaning the car’s exterior and for cleaning the glass windows as this can lead to scratching of the glass.

Terry Cloth Towels

The main purpose of terry cloth towels is to clean the car’s exterior. The disadvantage of using this type of car wash cloth is that it is not very absorbent and therefore, it might leave behind a lot of lint. A fresh terry wash cloth is mainly used for car waxing as it can easily apply the wax and can polish it off as well.

Washing Mitt

This is a special type of car wash cloth and is mainly made up of plain cotton cloth with long and fine fibers. The purpose of using long fibers is that it can easily pick up the grit on the surface of your car. You must ensure to rinse the mitt as frequently as possible so that it will prevent scratching of the car’s surface. If you rub the washing mitt quite hardly then it is bound to affect the car’s paint and can leave behind fine scratch marks.

Microfiber Wash Cloth

A microfiber wash cloth is a very effective car wash cloth which can be even used without the chemicals that are used in polishing, dusting and cleaning of the car. There are tiny wedge shaped fibers which are used to attract and hold the dirt and a damp microfiber wash cloth can be exclusively used in dusting.

Microfiber Polishing Towels

This is an excellent car wash cloth and is used to give a fine swirl-free finish to the paint on the car which leaves the car shining.

Microfiber Drying Cloth

This type of car wash cloth is mainly used in cleaning the car windows. All you need to do is to spray water in the car’s windows and by using this type of wash cloth you can easily achieve dirt-free and streak-free windows.

Chamois Wash Cloth

This wash cloth is made up of Chamois leather and is quite soft and absorbent as well. It is mostly employed in drying rather than in washing.

Choosing the right car wash cloth is very much important in order to ensure that the cleaning and drying of your car takes place in the right direction. If you don’t have time to do this yourself or don’t feel comfortable enough just yet, call us to schedule an appointment and our mobile detailers will come to you to take care of your vehicle.

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