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How to Hand Wash Your Car Like A Pro?

How to Hand Wash Your Car Like A Pro With the right car washing and detailing products and tips, you can easily perform a thorough car wash from your home without even taking your car to a mobile auto detailer. Let us consider the important products which you need to have in order to perform a thorough hand wash like a pro.


  1. Car Wash Soap: You must invest in a car wash soap for performing a good hand wash on your car. Using dish soap to wash your car is completely unacceptable. Dish soap is quite harsh and can remove the wax coat on the car’s paint and is also hard on the rubber parts of the car.
  2. Wash Mitt: In order to conduct a good hand car wash, you must purchase a wash mitt that is made out of microfiber cloth or sheepskin as these materials have the property to pick up and hold dust and dirt. Refrain from using towels for this purpose as they are not capable of picking dirt.
  3. Two buckets
  4. A drying cloth: Chamois is the best alternative for the drying purpose, however, it can result in scratching the car’s paint. To perform the job faster, you should use an absorbent waffle-weave drying towel.
  5. A shady location

The Process

  1. Pre-treat stains: Pre-treating stains is a must if you want to completely remove off bird droppings, sap, dead bugs and other tough stains which are almost permanently attached to the paintwork. You need to directly apply the car wash soap onto the stains.
  2. Wash the wheels: Always wash the car wheels before you wash the car as in this way you can remove the excessive dirt that is usually found on the wheels. However, make sure not to wash the car wheels when they are hot. Although regular car wash soap can be used for this purpose, you can make use of a good quality wheel cleaner. A car definitely looks its best with perfectly clean wheels.
  3. Initial rinse: Start by rinsing the car from the roof of the car and slowly work downwards. Also, make sure that you pay close attention to the area surrounding the windshield wipers as this is the place that leaves and dirt collects.
  4. Make use of two buckets: Using two buckets is essential as you can fill one bucket with the car wash soap and water and the other bucket can have clear water. This way you can prevent depositing the dirt back to the wash mitt.
  5. Scrub: When you start scrubbing your car, do so in the top to down order. Pressing the mitt hardly will actually cause the dirt to scratch the car paint. Also, try to keep the car completely wet while washing the car which will help you in removing difficult stains such as bird droppings and sap. If you are using a detail brush, be gentle in your approach.
  6. Quick suds-over: After completely scrubbing the car, make sure to give it a quick suds-over with your wash mitt. However, you must remember to rinse and then reload the mitt while working with it.
  7. Final rinse: While rinsing the car for a final time, you must use the hose without the spray nozzle. Start rinsing from the top of the car downwards and make use of a gentle stream of water.
  8. Primary dry: In order to avoid the formation of water spots, you must dry the car as quickly as possible. Using a waffle-weave drying towel is the best as it quickly absorbs a lot of water. This type of drying towel works better than a chamois.
  9. Detail dry: In order to get rid of the excess water, you can make use of microfiber detail towels. Also, make sure that you open the hood, trunk and the doors and wipe off the excess water that drips into the doorjambs and the other hidden parts.

Thus, you can easily hand wash your car from home by following the above tips. Of course, if you do not have the time to invest in hand car wash, all you need is to call us so that we can arrange an appointment for taking care of your car.

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