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How to Use a Steam Cleaner in Cars?

car_steam_cleaning If you have a steam cleaner at home, then you can easily steam clean your car’s interior by yourself without the help of automobile detailers. The purpose of steam cleaning is to remove the tough and hard-to-remove stains and to freshen up the look and smell of your car’s interior. Steam cleaning your car is a hassle-free task if you carry out the preparation in advance. Let us find out the right way to use the steam cleaner in your car.

  1. Leave the car doors open: The first step in steam cleaning your car is to take out the floor mats and open the front and the back doors.
  2. Complete vacuuming of the car’s interior: The next step in this regard, is to perform the complete vacuuming of the interior part of the car. In order to perform this, you must start by clearing off the car seat, center console and floorboards and you can also reach up for under the seats for debris and loose dust.
  3. Using the vacuum: You must start by using the vacuum cleaner on the floor mats which will help you to remove the built-up dirt and dust.
  4. Using the upholstery cleaning substance: Start using the steam cleaner by pouring the upholstery cleaning liquid into it. If you have any doubts loading this liquid, you must look out for the instructions that have been specified by the manufacturer.
  5. Carrying out Steam cleaning: Put the steam cleaner on and move the upholstery attachment inside the car’s interior. Make sure that you cover the entire area of the car’s interior which includes the area under the seats, floors, floorboards as well as the upholstery part in the car’s trunk area as well.
  6. Carpet Extraction:The carpeted areas of the car require deep cleaning which can be easily performed by making use of the triangular brush of the steam cleaner. Another option in this regard is to resort to carpet extraction which can also be performed using the upholstery attachment through which steam can be injected into the carpet and later on, it can be fully extracted for the removal of the stubborn stains as well as of the dirt and grime which will leave the carpet spotlessly clean.
  7. Drying the car’s interior: After the steam cleaning process has been completed, you must leave the car in a shaded area with the windows rolled down. This will allow the interior of the car to dry completely and once the interior has dried up, you can lock the doors.

The main objective behind using the steam cleaner is to accelerate the sanitization process of the interior of the car which will make it new and fresh all over again. If you do not have time to perform steam cleaning at home, you can consider scheduling an appointment with DetailXperts.

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