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Best Tire Dressing: Top 5

Applying Tire Shine_Top 5 Tire ShinesYou can spend all day, use the best wax money can buy, and have the shiniest shine that makes people stop and stare, but if you overlook those tires and wheels – well, it’s like wearing sneakers with a tuxedo – a true fashion faux pas. Or, if you want to run fast and smoothly you need to have good quality shoes and have to maintain them. Likewise if you need to make your car run fast and smoothly you need to maintain the tires of the car.

You should protect your tires and give them a rich satin finish with a quality tire dressing or rubber protectant. Tire dressings should offer more than just shine. A good tire protectant should help prevent fading, drying, and cracking in addition to looking good. Tires are subject to dirt, moisture, oils, and the elements – it’s important that your tire dressing be able to withstand these harsh conditions. Don’t just look for shine; look for protection as well. Always apply a tire dressing to a clean tire in a thin, even coat. With regular use, a quality tire dressing will maintain the dark, satin luster of your tires.

Listed below in no particular order you will find the top 5 best tire dressing products to use

We rated the products below based on longevity, finish, and purpose:

  • Zaino Z-16: This product leaves a satin finish that does not sling off tires. Z-16 is a reasonable priced tire shine that actually lasts though rain or a couple car washes. It leaves a non-oily residue allowing you to use it on the interior as well. This unique formula contains exclusive moisturizing and antistatic solutions to prevent drying, cracking and browning. One application leaves incredibly durable water repellent, that’s only slightly glossy and dry to the touch.
  • Ultima Tire & Trim Guard Plus: This tire shine gives you a deeper shine and a better look on your trim and tires. The formula is very concentrated and easy to use. When applied to a sponge or foam applicator it goes a very, very long way.
  • Poorboy’s Bold N Bright: This water based tire shine that dries to the touch. When applied to your tires not only does it protect your tire it also cleans it. If you like a clean looking tire with a nice black look, I think you’ll be happy with this product.
  • Black Magic: This too is a water-based product, so it is really easy to clean off wheels if you get to it immediately. The durability of this tire dressing is very impressive. It creates a matte finish that gives tires an almost ‘flat’ finish.
  • Tuff Shine: When this tire shine is applied, the longevity issued is 2 to 3 months for each application. Once the silicone is out of the tire, and you are done with the initial coating, Tuff Shine doesn’t require subsequent heavy cleanings. You simply “top it off” with another coat! Since there is no silicone in Tuff Shine, once the silicone is out of the tire – it’s out. This means once initial cleaning and application is done, you only have to “dress” your tires every 2 to 3 months at the most, and the dressing/coating is as easy to apply.

It is said that, it is easy to buy a car but it is difficult to maintain it. So it is very important to maintain your car properly which includes taking care of your tires. To save money and effort, you should maintain your tires, only then your car will give you smooth services. The aspects of tire and wheel care are as follows: wheel cleaner, tire cleaner, wheel polish and tire dressing. Wheel and tire care can be a dirty, messy job, but you can always contact DetailXPerts and let our professional technicians handle the job.

9 Responses to “Best Tire Dressing: Top 5”

  1. Jimmie, for the carwash services that you offer, do you use steam methods?

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  8. I really like Miracle Glaze I have tried almost all of the reviewed products and none seem to live up to the no sling like MG does.

  9. Liberty Baldovino says:

    Hi Geoffrey,

    Thanks for sharing. Can you please tell us more about Miracle Glaze?


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