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7 Steps for Car Interior Cleaning

Most of the car owners, who would like to perform car interior cleaning, are at a loss in deciding where and how to start the process. The following seven steps have been outlined to help each of us in performing car interior cleaning in the right direction, which will give you the same effect if you had turned your car to mobile auto detailing experts.

Seven Steps to a Beautiful Car Interior

Step 1:Start by removing all the trash from the car’s interior.

Step 2:The next important step in your attempt to achieve a beautiful car interior is to go in for vacuuming. Make use of all the attachments that is available with your vacuum cleaner. You will be surprised to learn that cars are filled with very tight and small nooks and corners which can serve as the treasure house of trash. Mostly you will not be able to reach out to such places with the help of vacuuming so you may have to use a can of compressed air so that you can blow out the dirt from such spots. Also, do not forget to vacuum the car seat seams, door handles and armrests and even the dashboard as well. In order to clean the vents, you can make use of a clean and dry paint brush.

Step3:Make sure that you carefully clean and condition the hard surfaces of the car which includes the dash, glove compartment, doors, seatbelts, sideboards and the storage spots as well. You can make use of a good all-purpose cleaner which will do the job for you. Apply it onto a rag and then wipe the surfaces with it. In order to clean the hard to reach spots, you can make use of an old and soft-bristled brush. In case you are using conditioners, only use the non-glossy type.

Step 4: The next step is to clean the upholstery and for the cloth-type upholstery, you can spray the upholstery cleaner onto it. For cleaning leather car seats, the procedure is a bit complicated and you may have to use soap and the conditioner as well. For cleaning vinyl seats, you can make use of all-purpose cleaners. Never use silicone conditioning products on your seats as they can stain your clothes.

Step 5: Cleaning car carpets is a must while detailing your car’s interior and you can make use of a steam cleaner in this regard. You can also use this cleaner on the floor mats, however, make sure that you do not over-wet it so that you can avoid the growth of molds and fungi.

Step 6: In order to create streak-free windows, you must avoid the sun light. Start by spraying the window cleaner onto a rag or the paper towel and then you can rub it onto the windows and can make the windows shine with the help of the newspaper or the paper towels.

Step 7: If you want to ensure that you have done your best, then you must perform re-vacuuming.

Keeping the interior of your car clean is not only important for the well-being of your family but also makes a great impression in front of others. You will find that it is easy to clean your car during your free time but if you are pressed for time, you can hand over the job into the hands of professional detailers.

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