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Do It Yourself Car Wash: How to Do Auto Detailing

How-to-Do-DIY-Auto-Detailing Do it yourself car detailing is not as tedious a task as we think it to be. Auto detailing by using the help of professionals can be very expensive and by saving up this money, you can buy the necessary accessories and materials to perform your DIY car detailing at home. Let us uncover some of the essential car detailing tips which will help you to easily perform car detailing from your home.

  1. Make use of the air compressor and scrub brushes: Ignite your air compressor into action and ensure that you take out all the dirt from each and every corner of the car’s floor. Also, you can make use of the stiff scrub brushes which will help to loosen the dirt from the upholstery and the carpets. Also, if your car has leather seats, you can make use of a conditioner with aloe to clean the seats.
  2. Clean the duct for creating that new-car smell: You can make use of a small and portable compressor which will create the required air to blow out the dust and dirt from the heating and air conditioning ductwork. You can also use such a compressor to the duct walls which will easily help to loosen dust and dirt. Also, if there is a cabin air filter in your car, you can remove it and blow out the dust and dirt from it which will give a fresh smell to your car.
  3. Make use of non-acid-based tire cleaners: When professionals clean the tires, they prepare specific acid solutions so that they can effectively clean the dirty tires which will also help to remove the dirt from the new tires. Such solutions also are strong enough to remove the brake dust from the wheels. However, when you are performing DIY car cleaning, you must make sure to use a nonacid product. Acid based cleaners are not safe for cleaning tires especially when used by amateurs since they can oxidize the alloy wheels and this can cause great damage to wheels that have been painted or have clear coatings. It would be great to make use of a degreaser on the wheels.
  4. Hand car wash is the best: There is no doubt that hand car washing is the best kind of car wash which is also a great methodology to inspect all the car surfaces and to check out which parts of the car need deep cleaning and attention. However, never use a dishwashing detergent to wash the car as it will take out the protective wax coating from the car’s surface and this will easily cause scratches and stains on the car’s surface. Instead, always make use of a carwash soap solution in order to preserve the finish of your car.
  5. Polish the paint to smooth it out: Polishing the car paint will help to smooth out the car’s surface and will give the car a brand new look. You can make use of an oscillating polishing machine which will work faster on the car paint but will not harm the car paint in any way.

DIY car detailing is a fantastic way to take care of your car in a homely manner and you will be surprised to learn that by following the above tips, you can create the look similar to the one that is usually created by the work of mobile auto detailers .

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