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Steam Clean Your Car: Pros and Cons

Steam Cleaning_Pros&Cons Car steam cleaning has become one of the best and popular ways to clean your car in an eco-friendly manner. You can steam clean both the car’s interior and exterior and this will give your vehicle a brand new appearance, without the use of harmful chemicals. As steam cleaning of cars has become more and more popular in recent times, let us find out the pros and cons of doing so.

Pros of Using Steam for Cleaning Cars

    1. In steam cleaning of cars, hard brushes and abrasive materials are not put to use which keeps the car paint fresh and free from scratches. In the normal way of cleaning cars, brushes are used and this may often lead to scratching of the car surface and will also damage the car paint as well and will eventually lead to dulling the finish and appearance of your car. In steam cleaning, brushes are not used to remove the dirt from the car surface and as there is no scratching, the car finish remains bright and fresh.

  1. Hazardous and harsh chemicals are not a part of steam cleaning of cars and this is one of the main pros of this methodology. The traditional method of cleaning cars mainly makes use of strong and harsh chemicals which are not only hard on the dirt and grime but they are also hard on the environment. Steam cleaning your car offers you a great opportunity to stay close to nature and offers one of the best options to stick to your ‘Go Green’ approach.
  2. Steam cleaning the car’s interior helps you to easily get rid of the hard-to-remove stains and also freshens up the look and smell of the car. During car steam cleaning, jets of steam are used at a very high speed and this helps in to remove all the hard stains. This method also offers a wonderful way to preserve the value of your car and makes it look brand-new even after years of use.

Cons of Using Steam for Cleaning Cars

Steam cleaning your car has a lot of advantages yet there are certain cons too which comes with this method of car cleaning. Let us understand some of the prominent cons of car steam cleaning.

    1. There is no doubt that steam cleaning your car is a pricy affair and it may not be an affordable factor for most of the car owners. Steam cleaning sounds good when you have an expensive car and paying all that money for the maintenance of your car is a great aspect in such a case. The cost of steam cleaning may be a down fall.
    2. Steam cleaning the car engine is a decision which depends entirely on the car owner. However, it has been noted that steam cleaning is not a recommended option for most of the automotive engines and may cause irreversible problems. Make sure to read the manufacturer’s manual, before attempting to steam clean your car engine.

  1. Steam cleaning has the tendency to ruin your car’s paint if the pressure and speed of the steam jet is not handled in the right manner. The person performing the steam cleaning must have a good idea of how to perform it correctly otherwise it could pose a great danger to the car paint.

Even though steam cleaning your car has its own set of pros and cons but professional detailers know the exact way of doing it without causing any problems by using steam cleaning machines. If you are looking to convert the look of your car into a brand-new one, you must visit us at one of our offices to learn all the details about car steam cleaning.

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