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Cold Weather Car Care: How to Wash Your Car in Winter?

Cold Weather Car Care_DetailingThe tough and intense weather of late fall and winters can definitely wreck your car in the worst way and this can enhance the possibility of leaving you stuck in the middle of nowhere, while you are driving. You need to definitely perform cold weather car care which will help you to keep your car in good condition and will also keep you and the occupants safe and sound during your road trip.

Tips on Cold Weather Car Care

    1. Salt, snow, dirt and debris can adhered to the car’s paint and enamel. Thus, it is important to wash your car regularly in the winter months. Your car’s paint definitely suffers a lot during the intense winter season so it is important to give extra protection to your car and car’s paint. You need to make sure that you wash your car thoroughly and make sure that you allow it to completely dry off in a shady place. You must also make sure to use a car-care bar which is made up of clay so that you can easily remove the contaminants from the paint.

    1. The best kind of winter car care method that you can make use of for washing your car is the Great White Winter Wash. This method is referred to as the traditional two-bucket wash which is a very convenient car washing method, especially adapted for the winter months when water freezes up. This method makes use of minimum amount of water but still performs thorough cleaning; however, the results of the cleaning will not last for long when compared to how they last in the warm months. Frequent car washing is the right way to keep your car clean and to keep it away from mishaps.

    1. Salt and sludge can easily get into the car’s underbody and this can cause damage to the metallic components of the car. The gas tanks, mufflers and the frame of the car can be easily damaged due to rust and it is quite expensive to repair or replace them. When you are performing a car wash on your own, you should perform extra spraying under the car which will take way the maximum amount of salt. If you are heading out to an automated car wash, make sure that you opt for an underbody washing option.

    1. If you are looking for a great way to protect your car from the salt, then you must consider waxing which will act as a barrier between salt and debris. The best way to do it is to apply a good coat of wax in the fall and you can follow it up with a mid-winter wax application.

  1. If you are looking to preserve the car’s interior during the winters, then you must go in for winter floor mats which contains rubber trenches that will trap both the salt and melted snow and this can prevent carpet damage.

Winter car and motorcycle care is very important in order to make sure that you can use your car for many more years. Professional detailing can help you to prepare your car for the intense winters and you can book an appointment with us so that we can prepare your car for the rough cold weather.

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