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How Often Should You Clean Your Car’s Engine

Cleaning your cars engine_how oftenYour engine is one of the most expensive parts of your car. Many car owners do not perform a detail on their engines simply because they don’t understand the process of how to do it. Additionally, they are afraid of damaging something. With all the dirt and rust that can build up in an engine when it is not kept clean, it is no surprise that it will not be able to continue performing at its peak. Engine detailing takes a little finesse to do a good job. So, the question then becomes, how often should one clean their car engine?

Engine is a mechanic part and the most operative part of the car. Oil and dirt gets accumulated on the engine surface and it is very necessary to clean it often to ensure that you get the ultimate performance from your car. To decide just how often you should have this process done, you should look at the environment it operates in as well as how often your car is used in this environment in order to get a general idea.

Environment Effects

Urban and City: For car owners who live in urban areas or areas with low amounts of dust and minimal snowfall is recommended to have 1-2 steam cleaning of the engine a year. In cases such as these grime accumulation is relatively slow, so a simple wipe down of the engine during the occasional detailing will be ideal for between yearly professional steam cleaning services.

Harsh Seasons and Dry Regions: Arid regions experience large amounts of dust then other regions. Areas with harsh seasonal weather tend to have extensive rainfall and snowfall. Living in these regions your vehicle is more adapt to come in contact with snow fall, road salt and dust. All these items can easily make its way to your engine bay and cause damage if not attended too. In conditions such as these steam cleaning the engine should be done every 2-3 months during winter months. For dusty areas, 1-2 times per year is fine when supplemented by a wipe down.

Never Use A Hose To Wash Under The Hood

Sometimes when evaluating situations it cannot be on a time schedule. It may have to pass the naked eye test. Listed below is an eye test that your engine needs a steam cleaning.

  1. If you notice oil accumulates very quickly on the engine, first check the PCV valve. If the valve gets plugged, pressure can build up in the crankcase and create oil leaks around the engine. When this occurs check and replace the PCV valve and proceed to a successful auto spa provider.
  2. Replacing head gaskets, valve covers or other components that may cause leaking of fluids are a good opportunity to have your engine steam cleaned. Not only does this clean away any sludge build up, it can also help with the diagnosis of any other potential problems by making additional leaks noticeable.

With regular and proper cleaning, you can greatly improve the performance of your engine. You may also help to extend the life of your vehicle, saving you lots of money down the road. Regular engine cleaning is as important as washing your car’s exterior and undercarriage. If you give your engine a good cleaning 1-2 times a year you should be on your way to smooth running vehicle.

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