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Boat Maintenance: Questions to Ask Your Boat Detailing Provider

Top Boating Questions to Ask Boating ProviderWhen you understand correctly, that boats are not cars, you will know the right questions to ask your boat detailing provider. Asking the right questions will assure us that they will be handling our boats in an appropriate manner.

FIVE Must Ask Questions

    1. What kind of materials do they use for cleaning? : Obviously, the first question you should be asking is do they use the same kind of cleaning materials they use with cars? You definitely would not go with them if they do since boats are constructed with a different set of materials each requiring a unique treatment. In fact, boats are made up of much more sensitive materials and if an incorrect treatment is made it could ruin or break your boat completely.

    1. Are they saltwater or freshwater boat detailers?: You should also ask if they are specialized to treat saltwater or freshwater boats. This depends entirely on where you use your boat. Some boat detailers have a better experience at detailing saltwater boats than freshwater once. It is important to ask this to ensure that you get the best treatment for your boat.

    1. How will they be treating your boat’s brightwork?: You’ll care very much what they will be doing since the brightwork is perhaps the most noticeable part of your boat after all. Teak, the wood most widely used for brightwork, requires an appropriate treatment depending on its age. Although it is inherently durable, inappropriate treatment could drastically shorten its life. As a perfect example, your boat detailer should not use any sanding when the teak has formed a natural ‘non-slip’ surface as this will definitely cause much damage. Varnishing the teak is the most widely used method and in here detailers use a multitude of varnishes.

    1. What does your boat detailer use to protect the gel coating? : Gel-coat covers the majority of your boat and provides immediate protection from the outside. Because it is exposed directly, oxidation naturally happens on the coat which results to dullness and color fading. Boat detailers either use sealants or wax to restore the gel-coat. The regular practice is to polish the gel-coat with wax to help restore its original shine. However, some detailers prefer the use of sealants though these are more expensive. Just remember that wax deteriorates faster than sealants specially when exposed in the sun and saltwater. Sealants usually last all season since most of them are UV resistant.

    1. How do they repair gel-coat scratches?: Gel-coat repairs are another story. You should ask your boat detailer how they plan on restoring gel-coat scratches. Usually you would want them to use the same gel-coat type or material so that it can blend with the original gel-coat.

There are other parts of the boat to consider like the boat canvas, the chrome or steel frameworks and even the interior. Perhaps one of the best questions to ask a boat detailer is if they have a portfolio of previous detailing they’ve done. With pictures and images, you’ll be able to see the difference between the original untreated boats and their resulting appearance after detailing.

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