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Top 7 Car Cleaning Tips and Tricks You Have Probably Not Heard Before

Car Cleaning Tricks and TipsLet’s face it, no matter how much you try to educate yourself on everything about your car, there is always a secret cleaning technique or wonder product that will surprise you.

Car cleaning tips and tricks develop as car owners and professional auto detailers alike learn from their past mistakes and improve on old cleaning methods. At the same time, new products and technologies are being developed everyday to help make your vehicle look as if it just rolled out of the showroom.

Which of these car detailing tips and tricks are new to you?

  1. Talcum powder can take out the stain on your leather car seats. Worried about that ugly ink stain on your precious leather car seat? Don’t worry, a little dusting of talcum powder can help you get rid of it. Allow the powder to sit overnight for maximum effect, then carefully blot it away in the morning.
  2. Clean your car in the shade. You can avoid leaving swirl marks on your paintjob if you let your car dry naturally out of the sun. This is especially helpful if you’re going to apply wax after cleaning your car’s exterior.
  3. Cornstarch helps in buffing polish. Cornstarch will pick up excess polish or wax that can otherwise stick on the vehicle’s exterior and attract dirt quickly. Nobody wants a car that’s shiny in some places but pockmarked with dirty, sticky globs of wax and dirt in other places.
  4. Use newspaper for cleaning window glass. Those discarded newspapers in the trunk of your car can be helpful in removing the dirt streaks on your windshield. You can use your favorite window cleaning product, or concoct your own solution using vinegar diluted in water. Don’t forget to include your windshield wipers in the process, as they tend to spread dirt if not cleaned properly.
  5. Wash your car on gravel or a grassy lawn. To help get rid of the dirty runoff from your wash job, it’s best to park your car where there aren’t storm drains nearby. This way, you can avoid polluting your local water resources inadvertently. That’s one more way for you to help in the water conservation efforts in your area.
  6. Always keep a box of wet wipes in your glove compartment. Car owners forget that the best time to get rid of a spill or a stain is when it’s still fresh. A box of wet wipes is very handy for emergency clean-ups, so you won’t have to wait until the stain has set in before you work on it.
  7. Use a backseat organizer. An organizer will help you keep track of all the small objects in your car, from sharp scissors that can poke into the seats to candy wrappers to juice boxes. Knowing where to find these things can help you put them away before you park your car for the night, minimizing the possibility of causing further damage or mess to your vehicle.

8 Responses to “Top 7 Car Cleaning Tips and Tricks You Have Probably Not Heard Before”

  1. Mike F. says:

    Some nice tips here – I own a detailing business in CT and use some of these tips myself – wash your car in the shade AND when its cool!


    Mike F.

  2. Thanks Mike F. Are there other tips that you use that you’d like to share with our readers?

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  6. Very handy tips. Thanks!

    Tip 5: Wash your car on gravel or a grassy lawn. Why? Use Freedom carwash products those are biodegradable and this way you can wash your car waterless everywhere and always.

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