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Must-use Detailing Products to Keep Your Car Paint Safe

When giving your car a do-it-yourself car wash, you have to make sure that you don’t just get rid of the dirt, dust, grease, and soil particles that have stuck on the exterior—you also have to protect your car’s paint-job. Scrubbing too hard on any one spot with inappropriate cleaning products can ruin the clear-coat and even scratch the paintwork underneath.

You don’t want to experiment with different cleaning products to find out which ones of them will work on the car, and which ones will actually harm it. Check out these paint-safe cleaning tools to see if your toolbox is as well-equipped as your detailer’s in terms of cleaning your car effectively but safely:

Contents of a Paint-safe cleaning Toolbox

  1. Microfiber mitts: the best way to ensure that your car’s paint stays intact and free from scratches is to use the softest possible cloths for wiping, scrubbing, and applying different cleaning agents. A microfiber wash cloth is the best candidate for the job, so stock up on them the next time you drop by the hardware store.
  2. Automotive clay bar: looking for a safe and effective way to pull off those contaminants that make your car seem dull and uninteresting? Get yourself an automotive clay bar. When used with the recommended lubricant, it will get rid of mineral deposits, grime, dust, and other pollutants that are left on the surface even after a thorough cleansing with your favorite car shampoo.
  3. Dent remover: tired of seeing the web of shallow dents and fine scratches crisscrossing the paintwork of your car? It’s time to turn to an effective dent removing compound to get rid of these ugly marks. Ask your professional detailer for a trusted brand that will actually work instead of increasing the unsightly damage on your vehicle.
  4. Eco-friendly car shampoo: Whenever you clean your car, it’s always best to pick up something that’s both paint-safe and environmentally-friendly. The car cleaning industry is one of the businesses in the world that have a huge negative impact on our water resources, so it’s good sense for you to use something that will not aggravate the water pollution. Eco-friendly car cleaning solutions will strip away your car’s surface dirt without nicking the paint at all. Plus, you can rest easy in the knowledge that the runoff does not contain harmful chemicals that can threaten marine flora and fauna.
  5. Brushes of varying stiffness: brushes will help you get rid of the dirt, grime, and soil particles that your microfiber wash cloth can’t. Make sure to assemble a collection of brushes with different stiffness grades so you will have a choice when working with various surfaces on your car, such as the wheel well and the plastic trim. And while you’re at it, get brushes with adjustable handle lengths so you can clean even hard-to-reach areas.

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