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How to Care for a New Car


Caring for your beloved car starts from the very first day it is delivered to your garage. Whether it’s a brand-new vehicle straight from the showrooms or a pre-loved car you bought online, it will require constant attention from you.

A new vehicle is a major investment that deserves protection and maintenance right from day one. The earlier you put in efforts to preserve the gleaming finish and distinctive new-car smell, the better your car will last against everyday wear and tear. So exactly how to care for a new car?

The most obvious answer is to schedule it for a detailing appointment as soon as possible.

Your dealer prepped the car for delivery and the first few days of road travel, but the effects won’t last if you don’t take steps to lock them in for a good long while.

Follow these steps show your love for your latest road buddy:

  1. Take care of that shiny new paint-job.

    Your car’s paint-job might have suffered major setbacks on the way to your garage from the factory, despite the fact that it has been prepped at every stage by resident mechanics who want to bring out the best in a new vehicle. There’s no harm in washing, claying, and waxing your new car, so feel free to do what you think is necessary to protect its good looks.

  2. Slather on a generous amount of conditioners, sealants, and anti-stain products for good measure.

    The interior requires some preventive maintenance as well. Go for environmentally-friendly cleaning products that protect not just your vehicle’s delicate leather and plastic parts, but the environment as well.

  3. Be kind to your car, especially during the break-in period.

    Driving with care every time you take your new car out for a spin is critical if you want to break-in the engine properly. Avoid high-speed stops, speed up slowly but steadily, and don’t put too many things inside the trunk that can weight down your vehicle unnecessarily.

  4. Select a good car insurer.

    A good insurance policy will ensure that your vehicle will be covered against loss and liability. Pick a reputable company that offers the best coverage at the most competitive prices. Feel free to canvass your options and talk to as many insurance agents before settling for a policy.

  5. Go for an all-out auto detailing.

    If you don’t feel confident that you can properly care for your brand-new vehicle, it’s always better to seek the help of professional detailers who can help you with the entire preventive maintenance process. You will be assured of only the best quality products and services, plus you can learn a thing or two about how you can perform certain detailing jobs for your new car on your own.

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