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Tips to Preventing Sun Damage to Car Paint

Prevention of sun damage Your car soaks up the sun every time you go out for a spin. You like the way the bright colors and high-class gloss flash in daytime, making your car look like it just rolled off the manufacturer’s factory. But did you know that the sun’s UV rays are bad not just for human skin, but also for your car’s paint job?

Sunlight can actually speed up both corrosion and paint fading on any metal surface. The fact that you sometimes drive your car under all types of weather conditions at all hours only contributes further to the damage. As a conscientious car owner, you should definitely consider taking preventive measures to protect your car’s finish from the destructive effects of sun damage to car paint. A full paint job is one of the more expensive services you can avail yourself of for your car, so changing the flaking, peeling paint every now and then is not an option for everyone.

Here is what you can do to keep the sun’s harmful UV rays off your precious vehicle:

  • Park somewhere away from the sun: This seems like the easiest and most obvious answer to your sun damage woes, but surprisingly, many drivers tend to be too lazy to look for a suitable parking space for their vehicles. Sure, we all want to cut the distance between our parking slot and our final destination, be it the office or the grocery store. However, parking your car in a sheltered or covered parking space instead of right there in the open parking lot can save your car from major sun damage. The UV rays can scorch the paint off your roof, while the combined effects of direct sunlight and engine heat can wreak havoc on your hood paint. Furthermore, your leather upholstery is more likely to crack and tear if you leave your car baking in the heat.
  • Detail your car regularly: Damage to your car paint can further be decreased with regular detailing. Whether you prefer to call in the professionals for help or wish to do the job yourself it’s entirely up to you. Keep in mind it is important to get rid of the contaminants, dirt, dust, and grime that have stuck to the surface of your car on a regular basis. Use only non-abrasive cleaning products and wash mitts to prevent scratching your paint job. Don’t forget to allow the vehicle to dry thoroughly before applying wax — which is yet another important preventive step to ensure that your car stays beautiful even under the hot summer sun. Use a chamois cloth to dry your car, or just allow the wind to do the job for you.
  • Wax your car thoroughly: Your car can keep out the sun’s harmful UV rays more effectively if you include waxing in your detailing habit. Wax can prevent paint damage and encourage dirt and grit to simply slide off the surface of your vehicle instead of sticking to it. As an added precaution, you can opt to put a paint protection film on your vehicle, although you should ask your professional detailer on how to go about washing and waxing your vehicle if you opt for a film. You might also want to watch the video below if you wish to know more about repairing sun damage to vehicle paint:

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