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Auto Detailing Solutions for Paintless Dent Removal

auto detailing solutions Among the most popular auto detailing solutions these last decades, paintless dent removal has to be among the ones highly ranked by auto enthusiasts. It not only removes the dents and dings on your vehicles; it does so in a shorter timeframe and it also costs less. That is a lot of plusses in anybody’s auto detailing solutions books.

In the past, if you want to repair dents caused by hail, rock pellets, or by chance encounters with our four-legged friends, especially deer, you would have to fork out a few hundred dollars per dent, no less. Nowadays, the auto detailing solutions of using paintless dent removal is putting some of that money back into our pockets and that is always a good thing.

Paintless Dent Removal – The Background

Paintless dent removal is a process that was introduced in the mid 1980s by an American car cosmetic reconditioning company. The process involves using specialty tools to massage and remove certain dents from the exterior panel of your vehicle without impacting its factory finish. Automotives, whose factory finish have been altered; often fetch a lower market price when resold or traded in.

These official paintless dent removal techniques work on cars that are manufactured in the last 20 years. Reason for that is that they are made with high strength metal and resilient paint that facilitates the use of these progressive auto detailing solutions.

What the paintless dent removal technicians do is essentially to slowly and gradually massage out the wavy dent depression from inside out without affecting its paint finish. Not all dents are fixable this way. One of the criteria is that the underside of the panel where the dent is located has to be fully accessible to those specialists. They also have to assess the dent in order to determine the most appropriate approach to massage the metal in such a way that the paint texture just blends in seamlessly.

The Other Paintless Auto Detailing Solutions

Two other paintless auto detailing solutions that you have probably heard about are that of dry ice dent removal and that of using a hair dryer. With the dry ice method, one has to use a heavy duty glove to wrap a piece of dry ice in a clean wash cloth and hold it over the dent until it becomes smaller. The concept of using intense cold or intense heat seems logical.

Unfortunately, they have not been proven to be as effective as the official paintless dent removal techniques that involve trained technicians and specialized tools.

Paintless Dent Removal – The Advantages

There are numerous advantages to the paintless dent removal process. It does away with the old school way of repairing dents. The old school way involved grinding down the dent, filling it and re-painting it. In fact, this intrusive approach increased the chances of damage being done to the body and paint work. The auto detailing solutions of paintless dent removal involves none of the grinding, filling and repainting processes.

A good paintless dent removal job does not require grinding and therefore does not impact your paint finish at all. It is environmentally friendly, it can be done quicker than conventional techniques and as such, their costs are also lower in comparison.

Buyer, Beware

There are limitations that you, as a buyer, need to be well aware of. No matter the size of the dents, if they run deep and where theThe process of paintless dent removal paint is cracked, it cannot be fixed by this technique. The same applies if the panel, where it is located, has had body work done on it previously or is located in sections where the related tools cannot have proper access. As with any cosmetic conditioning you wish to get done – be it oxidation, swirl marks or paint scratches removal – it is best to first get an assessment as to what can or cannot be fixed before you give the green light to the specialists to proceed.

Speaking of specialists, there is no licensing or industry standards to date, so proceed with caution and ensure you do the background research beforehand. The last thing you want is to be left with a dent in your pocket that is much bigger than those on your vehicle.

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