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Homemade Tire Shine – How to Make It in 3 Steps

Applying Tire Shine_Top 5 Tire Shines

Tires need to feel and look good. To enjoy the maximum benefits your tires and wheels have to offer, clean and maintained tires are paramount. A tires life span is highly dependent on the treatment it receives. That’s right!  The first thought that should come to your mind is driving down to the wash for a thorough cleaning.  This has them washed up using non-biodegradable products that with continuous use, often end up having a harsh effect on tires.

What if we told you that that conventional way of thinking has mislead most people? Would you hear us out?

Below, we express a three step homemade tire shine idea or recipe that is easy to understand and describes how to give your tires that great satin look using simple do it yourself (DIY) water-based dressings that are environmentally friendly and highly effective.
The best part of all this, is that you don’t need to have your ride taken to a car wash! That’s right. This can be done at the comfort of your own home. Consider it as something to fill up that Saturday schedule’. It will be refreshing and satisfying at the same time!


What you’ll need:

o Castor Oil
o Mild dish soap
o Alcohol
o Strong hand brush
o Two buckets of warm water
o A non-lint cloth.

1. Get a bucket of warm water and mix it up with dish soap. Dish soap is often considered to be mild and is a preferred choice in solving many dirt related problems. It has a very mild effect on skin and other materials due to the components it is made of. (mostly oils and enzymes) that will lock in moisture and prevent color fading. This same effect is felt on rubber.

Please note! According to detailing experts, dish soap is great for tires but damaging to the paint finish. Dish soap damage polymers in the paint and often if not always leave a film on the paint giving it a dull and pale look. This may be corrected by buffering an even better idea would be to review our article on how to make your own car wash soap.

Take your strong hand brush with firm bristles that will have an easy time to penetrate
through to the tires grooves. Grime and dirt should fall off with proper scrubbing. Wash the
tire to perfection.

2. Have the tire damp and take a cloth soaked in alcohol to swipe the tire clean, giving it a
squeaky clean feel. This prepares the tire for the final coat.

3. Castor oil – A thick concentrated liquid known to seal in moisture. Used from times of ancient Egypt this oil was discovered to be multi-purpose. Used for many simple household tasks… (Giving your tires a great shine is one of them!) It should be then applied as the final coat. Have your non-lint cloth soaked in castor oil and apply sparingly on the tires.

Use circular motions to get to the grooves. Make sure the tire is well covered by the coat to have a polish appearance.

Castor oil will preserve the natural tire color and will give it a shiny appearance. It sort of has the same feel as wax only that it’s less viscous. With that, you’ll have given your tire a proper detailing experience.

Castor oil can be found at any grocery store. There you have it! All natural!

This is great experience your tires will definitely appreciate. Have this treatment done at least twice a month for maximum results!
Therefore we want to recommend that you to get the ‘tire maintenance business back to the home and shift the focus from highly processed products to basic and natural components. We believe that the benefits of this simple do it yourself recipes will not only save you a buck but also keep the tires of that car up to the task…


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3 Responses to “Homemade Tire Shine – How to Make It in 3 Steps”

  1. mike freeland says:

    does the castor oil provide any uv protectant benefits to the tires?
    i have tried the above method except the use of alcohol and let the tires dry naturally. the castor oil worked really well on the tires.i also have meguires hyper dressing with the uv protectants that works really well also.
    just wondering about the castor oils uv protectants if there is any.
    how long should you wait before applying tire dressing to brand new tires? thank you.

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