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Car Finish: 5 Auto Detail Supplies to a Perfect Shine

Car Finish 5 Auto Detail Supplies to a Perfect ShineThere are clean cars, and then there are showroom shiny cars. A full interior and exterior auto detail is never complete without that spotless, glossy car finish. Even if you are but an enthusiastic car owner with zero technical car detailing knowledge, you can still achieve that mirror-like car finish by using the same tools and materials that your detailer uses.

You might be tempted to save on money and avoid paying for high-end equipment because you’re just going to use them at home anyway. But you have to remember that getting good results is all about having the proper equipment at your disposal and knowing how to use them. Who knows, you might fall in love with your own handiwork so much that you decide to open your very own car detailing business. Then you would have already made a good investment towards growing your business.

Want a Shiny Car Finish…Stock These Supplies

Build your pro car finish kit by stocking these basic car supplies in your garage cabinet:



      : Liquid,

spray, or paste wax

      is the first step to ensuring that your vehicle glows with an inner light. It’s different from polish, which is the last step that locks in this glorious look and preserves it for the days to come. But if you’re out of time or don’t feel like putting a few more strokes of buffing into your vehicle, just waxing it might be satisfactory enough.

2. Clay bar: A truly smooth and clean exterior will ensure that your wax and other finishing products will cling to the surface properly. Claying your vehicle takes out all the stubborn dirt and residue that has been left by conventional washing and shampooing, giving you a perfect canvas to wax and polish.

3. Dash and Interior shine: Your car’s plastic and vinyl trim need some loving too. A perfect car finish lends itself to both interior and exterior inspection. Make sure that your plastic and vinyl accents are just as clean as the rest of your vehicle by using the wax product that’s specially formulated for them.

4. Tire dressing: Jet-black tires complete the look for a shiny, eye-catching vehicle. Every other car on the road might have a nice finish, but your car will definitely stand out if you include the tires and wheel wells in your regular DIY detailing routine. That means that every square inch is polished to perfection, leaving no room for paint swirls or chips.

5. Polisher: Of course, you can polish and buff your vehicle by hand without any mechanical or electrical assistance. But for the best, most even polish, an electrical orbital polisher is still your best bet. It might be better to shell out a few extra bucks for a high-end oscillating orbital polisher, because it can serve you longer and cut your detailing time by almost a third. That way, you get to use your shiny car immediately after detailing instead of having to catch your breath first after all the hard work you put in to clean it.

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