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Steam Clean Your Car Exterior in 5 Easy Steps

Steam Clean Your Car Exterior in 5 Easy StepsHow would you like to clean your car with an efficient, environmentally-safe yet bacteria-killing method? It only uses a small amount of water and leaves no soap residues that may damage your car’s paint and the environment. Yes, such a method exists and it is called steam cleaning. And yes, you can do it yourself, too.

The Need to Steam Clean Your Car

Some people are wary about using steam for cleaning their cars. They think that the intense heat of steam can damage their car’s paint and plastic surfaces.  On the contrary, steam is the safer way to clean a vehicle because it does not require soap. All you need is steam, a clean cloth to wipe the dirt and grime away and a bit of skill.

Steam cleaning is also time and effort saving, since you would not need to give your car an initial rinse or apply soap to loosen up the dirt. All it takes is a quick steaming, wiping and drying. Done.

But how does steam work? How can steam alone clean your car?

The best way to explain this, I guess, is to see it for yourself. Use steam to spot test a dirty area in your car’s surface. You will notice that the dirt runs off with the moisture produced by the steam even without using soap. It is because steam is powerful enough to dilute the adhesive-like qualities of dirt and grime.

Steps to Steam Clean Your Car

Yes, steam cleaning is an eco-friendly and efficient way to clean your car. But before you grab your steam cleaner, here are a few things to remember:

1. Always wear gloves before steam cleaning to protect your hands from the steam cleaner’s scalding heat.

2. Always aim the steam cleaner’s nozzle an arm’s length away from the area to be cleaned.

3.  Do not use steam any longer than a few seconds. This is enough to dilute dirt and grime yet safe enough for your car’s paint.

4. Do not set the steam cleaner to a very hot temperature. Moderate heat has enough power to clean your car without damaging its finish or burning yourself.

5. Make sure that everything you need is within your reach so as to save time and effort.

6. Always clean your car from top to bottom: roof, front hood, side windows, sides and tires.

Now here is the  step-by-step guide on how to do it.

Step 1. Steam Clean Your Car Exterior - Roof The first area that you should clean is your car’s roof.  Steam your car’s roof, making sure that all areas are covered. Then, gently wipe off the diluted dirt and grime with a clean microfiber cloth. Do it in a circular rubbing motion, row by row, to ensure that no dirt is left behind.Steam Clean Your Car Exterior - Front Hood

Step 2. Next, move on to the front area of your car. Use the same circular motion when wiping the dirt away. Change your microfiber cloth with a clean one once it accumulates too much dirt.

Steam Clean Your Car Exterior - Door


Step 3. You can now move on to the sides. Take care not to aim the steam cleaner’s nozzle too close to the rubber sidings to prevent damage.

Step 4. Next, clean the windshield, side windows and mirrors.


Steam Clean Your Car Exterior - WheelStep 5. Give your car that all-clean look by steam cleaning the car rims and wheel arch as well.

Finally, use auto detail supplies like wax and tire dressing to give your car that ultimate, showroom shiny appearance.

Yes, you can steam clean your car in five easy steps. Too busy to do it yourself? Then, schedule an appointment with the experts. They will clean your car just the way you want it.

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