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DetailXPerts Auto Spa – How It Works

Functioning of DetailXpert Auto SpaYou love your car, there’s no doubt about it, considering how much time, money and effort you spend for its accessories, maintenance, and yes, even for its auto spa. But you love the environment as well – you do not want to damage the ground waters or soil so that your children and their children can still enjoy the earth as we know it now. This is the reason why you believe that a green car wash is the best option for you.

And when it comes to green or eco car washes, one name seems to pop out in your searches – DetailXPerts which has a tagline that says, “We bring the eco auto spa to you!” Now you ask yourself, “Is it worth a try?”

Yes, it is worth trying, not only by green living enthusiasts like you but by all car owners as well. Unlike regular car washes that use hundreds of gallons of water for a single wash, we only use two gallons of the precious liquid for cleaning 15 cars. Isn’t that a great way to save the environment?

Not to mention that you can have your car detailed even as you work or while you enjoy the better things in life – spending precious moments with family and friends, playing sports, and even as you eat ice cream with your young ones.

How DetailXPerts Auto Spa Works

Here’s how DetailXPerts auto spa works:

First, you have to decide whether you want mobile detailing or to have the services done in one of our convenient locations. Then, schedule for an appointment. This can be done in three ways:

Once done, choose the location that you desire. You can opt for Two Detroit, a Bedrock Property, Port Atwater, Miller Parking (Level 1) and many more. If you choose mobile detailing, all you have to do is key in the location where you want the services to take place –  at home, your company’s garage, outside your favorite gym, etc. You must also consider the time and date you want to schedule services and enter it in the box that says “Select a date”.

You will then be prompted to key in your pertinent information (name, email address and contact number) and to choose the service that you want – Presidential steam cleaning, Ultimate Eco Wash Steam Cleaning, etc. You will be asked to write something about your vehicle – model, interior materials, scratches or dents, if any, so that we can have an idea as to what we will be working with. Finally, click “Book now” to confirm your schedule.

How a Detailer Works

Armed with the specifications you have set when you scheduled for an appointment, our detailer will prepare all the necessary tools, equipment and auto detailing supplies needed for your type of car.

He will start steam cleaning the roof of your car, wipe it with a clean cloth, going row by row to ensure that all areas are cleaned evenly. He does the same for the sides, windows and bottom of your car.

Did you opt for an interior detailing as well? Rest assured that you will get the ultimate in cleanliness. By using steam on your dashboard, vents, seats, carpets, floor mats, etc., your car will smell fresh and clean.

You can also expect the same degree of meticulousness if you choose to have your engine steam cleaned as well. Our detailer will cover moisture-sensitive areas with aluminum foil and steam clean all the dirt and grime away, restoring your engine to an almost new appearance.

How Long Does It Take?

The wonder of our patent-pending method is that you can have your vehicle cleaned in the fraction of the time that it takes for a traditional car wash. It is because we do not have to perform an initial rinse or soaping. Our detailer simply steams the surface for a few seconds and wipes the dirt away. Some of our clients cannot hide their amazement. They usually ask, “Where did the dirt go?” You too can witness the magic happen right before your eyes.

Do you have other important matters to attend to? No worries. You can leave your vehicles with us as you do your business. Rest assured that your prized possession is in safe hands because we have trained our detailers not only to be skilled in all aspects of vehicle detailing but to be honest as well.

Other Things that You Need to Know

Some clients ask if they need any documents to have their cars detailed. No, you do not need any. You will be provided with a short vehicle inspection sheet, similar to those completed at a rental car company.

Payments are not a hassle too because you can pay online or during the service with credit card, cash, check or money order.

Would you like to experience the magic? Schedule an appointment now and have your car detailed in a way you never thought could be possible.

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