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How Much Does It Cost to Detail a Car Interior?

knowing the cost of detailing car interiorMaintaining a squeaky clean car interior is on the rise, what with the presence of unseen organisms that can threaten you and your family’s health and contaminants that might affect the beauty and value of your prized possession. Unless you have the time, tools, materials and patience to do it yourself, having your car interior cleaned by detailers is your best option.

But how will you know if a detailer is ripping you off by charging you three times more for tasks that are really part of the actual detailing process and not an added value service? Or by pretending that he is giving you full detailing services when in reality, he is simply offering you an ordinary car wash? How will you know if the auto detailing prices are really worth it? This is why knowing the actual cost for detailing a car interior is essential.

How Detailers Rate Their Services

The first thing that you need to remember is that detailing costs vary from detailer to detailer. Their rates depend upon the size and type of your vehicle, your choice of add-ons, the products used and turnaround time.

If you have a recreational vehicle, for instance, expect to pay anywhere from $150 upwards, depending on the add-ons you want to include. A typical RV detailing includes cleaning all interior surfaces, dashboard, seats, floor mats and carpets.

On the other hand, a Ferrari and a Nissan Sedan may have the same size, but a Ferrari owner will definitely want the best services and materials for such a luxury car. Of course, quality comes at a price. Detailers will use their top-of-the-line materials that they bought from vendors of high quality auto detailing supplies, not from bargain centers.

Plus, luxury car owners will opt for the best detailers in the shop. You would not entrust your luxury vehicle to a beginner, would you. Detailers of this caliber had to undergo in depth training and workshops to learn and master what they do. Just like the best surgeon, the best detailer will undoubtedly ask for a higher rate.

Time dedicated to detailing car interior

You also have to consider the amount of time a detailer has to spend in detailing your car. A no add-ons car interior detailing usually takes two to three hours to finish and costs around $100. Of course, the length of time and the price varies with the size of your vehicle. An exception, though, are compact cars because they also have compact interiors. This makes it difficult for the detailer to move and clean hard to reach areas.

Now, if you want to give your vehicle a special treat, you can have the leather treated, your pet’s hair removed or your car interior sanitized with steam cleaning. For a really fresh-smelling interior, you can also have it deodorized. These are the add-ons which are not included in typical detailing services.

Would you like to know if the prize of auto detailing are worth it? Schedule an appointment with reputable detail experts in your area. They can give you a fair price for excellent services.

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