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Vacuuming a Car the Right Way [Photo Guide]

Vacuuming a Car the Right Way [Photo Guide]

Vacuuming a Car the Right Way
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Families love leaving gifts behind in the car, crumbs covering everything from the seats to the floor. Vacuuming a car has never been an easy task, but there are tips and tricks to learn. Walking through each step of the vacuuming process, we will get down to the nitty-gritty of making your car look spotless. There are a few tasks you must do before you begin the process.

The Right Vacuum for You

Find a powerful vacuum that has a variety of attachments, including extension wands, hoses, and brushes. The two most important attachments are the crevice and the dust brush attachment. These accessories will help clean the crumbs out of difficult to reach places and closely vacuum the upholstery. This is important to research, and find what best works for you. Once you have a new vacuum in hand, you are ready to begin cleaning!


Trash Begone!

Before you start having fun with your new vacuum, you must first clean out any trash lying around in your vehicle. Vacuums are made to suction dirt, crumbs, and other small items that you might not notice easily. Collect any debris and trash in your car and throw it away. The rest of the debris will be cleaned by the vacuum when you start. Don’t forget to double check for any personal belongings, you don’t want those sucked up into the vacuum!

Vacuuming a Car the Right Way [Photo Guide]

Clean out the trash

Vacuuming a Car: Step-by-step Guide


Step 1. Shake it Off – The Mats

The first step in vacuuming a car is giving your floor mats some attention. Remove them from the car and shake them out before placing them on the ground. Use the brush attachment to vacuum each floor mat individually. Don’t rush and make sure you clean the edges of the mats and the creases with the crevice attachment where dirt can collect. Once you are finished, leave them out of the vehicle until the end of the process.

Vacuuming a Car the Right Way [Photo Guide]

Use crevice attachment to reach those small creases

Head to Toe Cleaning


Step 2. Ceilings

You will want to work your way from the top to the bottom of the car. Begin vacuuming the car by starting on the ceiling, using short, vertical strokes so that you don’t miss spots. Start from the ceiling over the front seats and once you are finished with that section, move to the back. Dirt might fall from the ceiling as you work which is why you want to do this step before anything else. Don’t worry about the falling debris, because you will be cleaning that area later.

Vacuuming a Car the Right Way [Photo Guide]

Vacuuming the ceilings is the first step inside the car

Step 3. Dashboards and Sides

As you move down, vacuum the sides of the upholstery; dust can live there too! Run the brush over the dashboard, steering wheel, parking brake, shift lever, and vents to collect any dirt that might have landed. Dirt and grime can linger in every crevice of your car, so we want to make sure to vacuum everything.

Vacuuming a Car the Right Way [Photo Guide]

Dashboards collect dust too!

Step 4. Seats

The seats will be the next section to clean, sucking up any lost crumbs from yesterday’s lunch. Start at the headrest and work your way down, vacuuming in whatever direction you find easiest. As long as you hit every spot, the vacuum will do all the work for you! When working on the actual seat, you might want to switch out the brush for the crevice attachment. Use that accessory where the back and seat meet, sticking the device in the crack to suction out the dirt and crumbs.

A car seat is being vacuumed

Vacuum the entire seat, including the crevice

The Final Countdown to Vacuuming A Car

Time for the worst part of vacuuming a car – the floors. Everything you or your family has eaten now resides in your car, hidden in the carpeted floors and crevices. Vacuuming your car is the best way to ensure you are eliminating the crumbs and debris from the vehicle. Start with areas that are easy to access, using the brush tool to vacuum the general area of the floor. For the driver’s side, make sure you are reaching up to clean under the pedals.

Once you finish vacuuming the area your brush can reach, switch it out again for the crevice accessory. This is where you find the long-forgotten crumbs and dirt. Use the crevice attachment to vacuum those nooks and crannies, moving your seats as needed to clean each side. Run along the sides of the seat, the back, and the front before moving on to the next section.

Vacuuming a Car the Right Way [Photo Guide]

The floors need all the attention

Once you do this with each floor around both the front and back seats, don’t forget to vacuum out the trunk as well! This can be done easily with the brush attachment, running the vacuum over small sections at a time. The vacuuming of your car is complete!

Vacuuming a Car the Right Way [Photo Guide]

Don’t forget the trunk!

Busy Bee Solution

If all of this sounds like too much work to squeeze into your busy schedule, there are professional services that offer interior cleaning. Schedule an appointment with DetailXperts for a professional detailing and know about the proper care your car needs. Our team is trained in interior detailing and can vacuum your car until it looks spotless and yesterday’s lunch is long gone and forgotten.

Vacuuming a Car the Right Way [Photo Guide]

Before DetailXperts cleaning

Vacuuming a Car the Right Way [Photo Guide]

After DetailXperts cleaning


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