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Owning a Classic Car: Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of Owning a Classic Car

The good ol’ classics

Owning a classic car is a sleek reminder of the golden era of automobiles, the classics that every car enthusiast wants. Owning this type of vehicle is a goal thousands of people have, and few are able to achieve. If you were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California SWB Spider growing up, it is now the rarest car in the world!

Whether your family passes down cars and you were able to snatch a classic up, or you searched high and low to find one; you did it! However, there are pros and cons to everything, and that means owning a classic car.

But First: Pros of Owning a Classic Car


All Eyes on You

With the ownership of a beautiful, classic car, comes attention. Neighbors will be jealous of the sleek vehicle sitting in your driveway. People will take pictures as you drive by, and conversations with strangers will center around your sweet ride. New cars are impressive and must be kept maintained, but an even better achievement is doing the same with an older car. Classic cars take work, and every hour spent in the garage will show. As a result, your social status will likely rise due to the appeal of the classic, so take pride in it!

Value Lives On

Owning a classic car can actually save people money. New cars depreciate and lose value the instant they leave the dealer’s lot. However, classic cars’ value won’t go down as long as you take care of it. Any improvements will only increase the value for the car, which is why many enthusiasts restore and restomod classics. The more years that pass, the likelihood the value increases each year as well. As an added bonus, any cars older than 1974 have a zero-rated tax disc!

Cruise Through the Streets

Built with only the drive in mind, classic cars can take you on an experience. The rumble of the engine can be heard as you cruise along the streets. You might even smell the exhaust, drifting in through the windows. Thus, enjoy the ride, and don’t worry about where you’re headed. Newer cars can’t give you this kind of experience, and they focus more on the next location. Relax, and soak up the sensations and feelings your car gives you: that’s what it’s made for.

But We Can’t Forget the Cons


Upfront Costs

Despite the value of classic cars increasing, there is still the initial cost and repair costs to worry about. Normally, a large price tag is popped onto older cars that are in good condition. The only time you can buy them cheaply is if you have to do work yourself, which will cost you money in maintenance. Repairing an older car is difficult as well, from finding the correct parts to actually installing them. Plan to spend quite a bit of money on parts, because most manufacturers no longer produce them.

Safety First

With advanced technology today, safety standards for cars has increased. New methods have been introduced, from air bags throughout the entire vehicle to enhanced systems like anti-lock braking. All this new technology has been introduced within the last decade, meaning your classic isn’t going to have them. If you want to drive around your timeless car and show it off, be careful when driving and take any extra safety measures when able to.

Maintaining the Image

It is incredibly hard to upkeep a vehicle from the golden age. Therefore, owning a classic car will always take extra time and care. Keeping up appearances will be on the forefront of your mind when you have these beauties in your possession. To ensure you are cleaning them properly and maintaining a shiny finish, it’s best to leave this task to professionals. Find someone that is trained in classic cars and know how to best detail them.

To treat your treasured, classic car to the best auto spa, contact trained professionals. Schedule an appointment with DetailXperts for a professional detailing and know about the proper care your car needs. Our team is trained specifically in steam cleaning, and will treat your classics with as much care as you do.




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