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Fleet Services

DetailXPerts fleet services include professional detailing of cars, trucks, boats, airplanes, and trains. Our mobile detailing units will provide you with the perfect solution for your fleet, including steam cleaning, car waxing, and more.

The fast and easy way to manage your fleet services – guaranteed!


Fleet services - bus detailing by DetailXPertsFleet services for bus fleet - professional detailingProfessional detailing fleet services by DetailXPerts
Our Professional Detailing Fleet Services
  • We service any size of fleet and come to you at a time and place that best fit your needs.

    Here are just a few of the industries DetailXPerts provide professional detailing fleet services with:

    • ambulance companies;
    • auction centers;
    • automobile dealerships;
    • boat sales;
    • limousine services;
    • public safety organizations;
    • and many local, state, and federal agencies.
  • Who you buy from is just as important as what you buy.

    The key words are quality and ultimate convenience. Fleet owners also love our eco-friendly concept and the environmentally-friendly commitment DetailXPerts car wash franchises have made. You may request our fleet services at a convenient location & time for you.

  • To find out your discount rate, call 1-877-317-9737 now.

    See what advantages you enjoy, choosing DetailXPerts for your fleet services detailer.

  • You preserve natural resources.

    Two gallons per fifteen cars! We save 300% water usage by using steam instead of water.

  • You actively protect the environment and your vehicle in the same time.

    No harsh detergents or pollutants, non toxic steam cleaning methods, eco-friendly cleaning products and specially formulated wiping clothes that do not harm your showroom finish.

  • You enjoy long lasting beauty.

    Your vehicles stay clean three times longer than the ordinary car wash.

  • You get ultimate convenience.

    You say where and when, our mobile detailing units come to you.

  • You have excellence in quality.

    You set uncommon goals for yourself. Why shouldn’t you expect the same from your service providers?

  • Great care of details is our company’s name origin.

    DetailXPerts detail technicians are perfectly trained; they value your time, money and trust, just like us. So professional detailing and fleet services is what you pay for and what you get. Schedule your appointment today!

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