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Franchisee Testimonials

Check out some franchise testimonials – what our franchisees have to say about DetailXPerts business model and franchise opportunity:

I worked at General Motors for 21 years. I saw the direction that they were going. The future didn’t look so bright. I had to start making a decision on what I was going to do with my life. Was I going to stay with GM or was I going to do something different? In 2006, I had the chance to take the buyout, so I did.

Emmanuel gave me the opportunity to come aboard DetailXPerts and to help develop it. The reason I chose to be a franchisee is to be debt-free and to have financial independence. I saw the demand for the service and the value. DetailXPerts is the first steam clean automobile detailing service, which uses a patent pending process of cleaning cars with steam, as opposed to using soap and water. We can clean up to 15 vehicles with 2 gallons of water. We are environmentally friendly and conserve water.

All of these years I have worked to make someone else rich and now I’m working to make myself rich–to be in control of my own destiny. We are starting a new trend – tapping into an untouched market. We are starting a revolution by creating an army of ladies and gentlemen that have the character, humility, and willingness to be all they can be.

At DetailXPerts, we are in the business to serve. If this fits your profile – welcome to your future.

-Terry Cleveland, Franchise Owner since 2008

We are able to take control of our lives and find what it is we want to do – on our own terms. The reason my family and I decided to purchase a DetailXPerts franchise is because we felt that this was the best opportunity to take control of our lives. Being employed nowadays – with the economy – offers no security or stability, so I had to give my choices. By owning a franchise, we have a proven system and a support system that we can rely on. We can also rely on ourselves to have a stable income. Owning a DetailXPerts franchise allows us to make a difference and make a change.

I’m speaking personally to everyone out there that has ever had a dream – ever had a thought about owning their own business. There is no reason why you can’t own your own business. Don’t listen to people telling you that you can’t – because you can. I’m proof of that. I’m the first woman to own a DetailXPerts franchise. And I’m only 20 years old. There is no age limit. No barriers. You can do what you want to do with your life. If owning your own business is your goal – go for it!

– Alicia Trotter, Franchise Owner since 2009