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Property Owners Advantages

Property Owners Advantages - Miller Parking GarageIf you own a piece of land, lend the environment your helping hand! DetailXPerts encourages property owners to take our green cause to a different level by leveraging your asset – become a DetailXPerts car wash franchisee or start offering our professional detailing services on your premises. Not only do you contribute to a greener world, you avail of these property owners advantages as well:

  • Logistical ease

Since there is no need for pressure water hoses, you cut down on the cost of accessing water with our mobile steam cleaning technology. Economy to begin with!

  • Less post service keep-up

With as little as a pint of water for performing car steam cleaning and less spillage, there is hardly any mess to clean post detailing. The entire process doesn’t generate any pollution and uses 100% non-toxic and eco-friendly solutions.

  • Value-added service

You get to hit the market with the latest technology and deliver more value to the customers, thus earning and keeping their patronage for longer periods.

  • Perceived luxury

Your business gets a substantial image boost through our innovative car steam cleaning and mobile detailing units.

  • Inspiration for a change towards greener planet

Property owners of spaces such as parking lots, decks, restaurants, hotels, casino establishments, country clubs, and more get to optimize their space by offering our professional detailing services to their portfolio as well.

Like the property owners advantages?

Read more about the DetailXPerts opportunity or contact us to learn more details about possible business partnership.