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The world’s first car steam cleaning franchise is finally ready to serve Potter and Randall vehicle owners! DetailXPerts of Amarillo Texas is the local auto detailing that guarantees to get your vehicle cleaned as efficiently as possible in half the time!

With us, your prized possessions get the treatment they deserve, because we only provide topnotch and personalized professional vehicle detailing service.

See your vehicle shine from top to bottom, inside and out. Smells good inside, too!


Whether your vehicle runs on land, sails on the sea, or flies in the air, we’ve got you covered. Our expert technicians only use our proprietary steam cleaning machine that lifts dirt away from surfaces. No stiff brushes or harsh chemicals used on your vehicle! This eliminates the chances of paint scratches or paint swirls.


We provide mobile car detailing services, which basically means that our professional team can come to your place whenever you need it. Our vans are fully equipped to meet your requirements and give your automobile(s) the needed care.

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Our Advocacy

Our green vehicle detailing service aligns with Amarillo’s environmental awareness and sustainability programs. The city encourages residents to begin saving water voluntarily to prevent a mandatory water conservation program.

We, on the other hand, only use a pint of water for cleaning an average-sized car. That’s 90% less water use than traditional vehicle cleaning methods. With thousands of vehicles in the area, we can save tons of water that will not only benefit us, but future generations too.

Now Serving Car Dealerships!

Our high-end professional auto detailing services are now available to all car dealerships in the area that value their investment and are ready to take a step ahead toward a higher level of customer service and satisfaction. With our steam process we guarantee that the cars in your lot will restore their showroom-like finish and attract clients. Thus, you will get:

Faster sales,

Faster return on investment, and

Faster turnover.

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Address DetailXPerts (Amarillo, TX): 7306 SW 34th Ave, Ste 1, PMB 321, Amarillo, TX 79121