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Steam Cleaning with Organic Products

  • Steam Cleaning with Organic Products
    March 24, 2011



    Organic cleaning is catching on quick. Properly selecting and using organic cleaning products can help safeguard the health and safety of individuals at home, driving in their vehicle and the planet. Steam cleaning is also an excellent way in helping the environment as a whole. Most of us do not give much thought to steam. Unless it burns us, we dismiss it quickly from our minds. But this ubiquitous gas is profoundly useful. Not only do power plants use steam to turn turbines and produce electricity; steam is also a very useful cleaning tool. Steam cleaning is a deep cleaning process that combines the use of organic products and a high pressure blast of hot water or steam to remove dirt and grime from different materials and surfaces. Unlike other abrasive cleaners steam is both penetrating and gentle at the same time.

    Check out top 5 reason why you should steam clean:

    • Faster and more thorough cleaning
    • More environmental friendly
    • Reduce chemical usage
    • Less mess and cleaning of surrounding area
    • Completely eliminate oily residue

    The power of organic interior steam cleaning

    Many chemicals in common household cleaners are being linked to illness and health disorders as research continues to discover the harm that these chemicals can cause to our health. When organic cleaning products is used within your vehicle it is less damaging to the surface. Most cleaners are meant to clean surfaces; some chemical cleaners when used can leave marks or stains if not used properly. Failure to rinse them off good enough can cause staining and discoloration. Organic cleaners can still clean effectively without being harsh.

    By using organic cleaning products not only at home but also within your vehicle you are making it less dangerous for your health.

    The benefit of organic cleaning is that we discover and use healthful and safe ways to maintain our clean environment. We also protect our health when we live green because we minimize if not eliminate toxins in our environment. Using organic cleaning supplies is one of the easiest and fastest ways for your spouse, your children and most importantly yourself to be healthier and safer, not to mention their contribution to the overall environment. Steam cleaning and the use of non-chemical wipe clothes and organic cleaning products help us to save the planet. With Earth Day just around the corner be aware of how you can contribute with DetailXPerts.

    DetailXPerts is the world’s first eco-friendly steam cleaning car wash franchise.

    DetailXPerts is eco-friendly because organic cleaning products are used and these are toxin free products that do not present harmful chemicals. Check out the organic interior steam cleaning service we have to offer to help you protect your health.

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