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How Is Steam Cleaning for Cars Helping the Planet?

  • How Is Steam Cleaning for Cars Helping the Planet?
    May 16, 2011



    As individuals, we live life in pursuit of our personal goals in the professional, family and social realms. And with the advent of computers and the information technology eras, we are able to do so at breakneck speeds. You probably have noticed that consumerism has morphed by unprecedented scales and continue to do so fiercely unabated in all corners of the world.

    The saying “No man’s an island” refers to how as humans, we need to interact socially to thrive. In fact, no person’s an island either when it comes to the consumption of earthly resources such as land and its usage, minerals, water, plants, livestock, etc. Planet Earth is in itself a very large eco-system; what we do and consume, ripple through and leave indelible harmful marks and footprints down the various chains in the system.

    What all car owners should know

    Take a simple example: the Sunday car-wash that you sometimes do in your driveway. Studies show that even when done cautiously, a 6 minute wash and rinse will use up to 60 gallons of water. On the other hand, the more lax individual who allows water to run as they do it; will use no less than 150 gallons in the process! We agree: What a lot of waste.

    Factor in the oil, grease, and other such solids not to mention toxic car-wash detergents or soaps used in the process; and you will have run-off into the local waterways that impact on not just the water quality but also on the marine life that usually thrive in them.

    The external mucus layers of fish are often ruined by these detergents, leaving them highly prone to bacteria infection and parasites. Even their gills are damaged, causing them difficult, if not impossible, respiration.

    And… it takes very little of those pollutants to cause these repercussions

    What if there are more organic cleaning systems, will you come on board to try it out?

    Better and more organic cleaning solutions are in fact, available.

    It’s a plus that professional car wash and detailing outlets — use less water than what you and I will use if we do it at home, and, are obligated to treat or recycle their wastewater before it is discharged. There are yet other concerns such as the bio-degradable nature of their products and the electricity that is consumed in the washing of our vehicles.

    We depend on our cars a lot and spend a lot of time in them. They also have to be well kept and maintained in order for us to get the best and most use from them. Fortunately, more innovative ways have been found to do so without the excessive waste (of water and electricity) and the pollution (from toxic products).

    Among the latest and most sustainable ways in which to do so is by steam cleaning the exterior as well as interior steam cleaning your car. Rather than by the gallons, it uses just over a pint for an average size sedan. They are mobile and self contained and can come to your premises to get the job done and guess what, without even plugging into your electricity supply.

    Yes, it is not just good for you and your car; it also leaves minimal footprints to the local — water supply, and marine and aquatic life; as well as our planet as a whole.

    Holistic exterior and interior steam cleaning solutions such as these are too good to miss and what in fact, a consumer-centric globe like ours, is badly in need of.

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