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Waterless Car Wash: New Era of Car Cleaning?

  • Waterless Car Wash New Era of Car Cleaning
    July 7, 2011

    Car owners who want to maintain their vehicles’ high-class glossy finish and beautiful paintwork usually hesitate to try new car cleaning products. Once they have found the perfect car shampoo and car wax, they are bound to use the same products over and over.

    Given this kind of trust relationship between car cleaning agents and car owners, it becomes easy to understand why they are skeptical to try one of the newest and most revolutionary automobile cleaning technologies today—the waterless car wash.

    No water? No way!

    If you asked a person to clean his car without water ten years ago, he would have laughed at you and resumed throwing buckets of water over his beloved vehicle to wash it free of dust and grease. Today, however, it’s actually possible to clean your car without using even a single drop of water. All you need are non-abrasive microfiber cloths and the right cleaning solutions to restore your car’s fresh, dirt-free appearance.

    The car cleaning industry and manual car washing at home are two activities that consume a big chunk of our water supplies. That’s why industry experts and environmentalists have worked together to create a cleaning agent that works even without water. Traditional car shampoos have to be applied to a wet surface in order to be effective, but that’s already a thing of the past with waterless car wash solutions.

    Waterless car wash: Effective and eco-friendly

    At present, there are only a few professional detailing services  that offer waterless car wash not because it’s ineffective but because even detailers don’t feel very confident about it yet. This perception about waterless car wash is shifting slowly but steadily as cities all over America pass ordinances that limit the water use of residents and industrial establishments.

    If you want to achieve maximum cleaning for your vehicle without damaging the paintwork or the environment, go for waterless car wash products. They do not contain harsh chemicals that can harm the environment, especially when mixed with dirty rinse water. Plus if you wash your car on your own, you can now stop worrying about a huge water bill at the end of the month.

    Easy cleaning, even on the go

    Performing a waterless car wash is also convenient and hassle-free because you can do it anywhere your car needs a quick touch-up, even in the office parking lot. Just keep some clean and soft cloth in your car and your preferred waterless car wash solution in your trunk and you’re already equipped to clean your car anytime.

    Best of all, you save time with waterless car wash because you don’t have to wet your car, rinse it with water and wipe it down to achieve a spotless clean. Pair it with another type of environmentally-friendly service such as steam cleaning the next time you schedule an appointment with your trusted detailer. Not only do you get a beautiful, shiny car at the end of the process, you also get the extra benefit of doing your part to save the environment from further pollution.

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