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Hand Car Wash: Why Not Trust Everyone

  • Hand Car Wash: Why Not Trust Everyone
    July 25, 2011

    Hand washing your car involves using a brush or sponge to clean the vehicle’s surface. Garden hoses are in use to rinse the detergents. Scrubbing the car’s surface with brushes and sponges is convenient but it produces scratches in the paint of your vehicle. The scratches may not be visible from the distance but it can be easily spotted when looked at it from close proximity.

    Hand Car Wash Studies…

    Many studies have been done by the reputed institutions to understand how the washing harms the vehicle. The University of Texas at Arlington, Texas, has conducted car washing tests to find the effect on car finishes by employing car washing technique such as hand wash. The tests results showed that hand car washing produces many marks on a car’s finish. Some of the hand washing techniques was worse than others. The measurement of surface reflectance readings were carried out to determine its effect after each car wash. Surface reflectance or shine readings kept on declining after each hand wash. The research thoroughly proved that the hand wash methods applied for car washing took away the gloss and finish of the car.

    The tests also showed that the common car wash brushes that are usually purchased from local stores or automotive dealers are one of the prime reasons in damaging the finish of the automobile. The water pressure available during washing is not sufficient enough to rinse the harsh detergents used in the washing. The institution also conducted many more tests on other washing methods and its effect on finishes. In some of the cleaning methods, there was no reduction in the reflectance meter readings on the car finish before and after several rounds of washing.

    The Technical University of Munich carried out similar tests in association with a reputed car maker and results demonstrated the same findings. The Sand and silt trapped in the brush or sponge produces scratches when you rub the surface. Such particles act badly on the paintwork and destroy the finish. You can utilize better ways of washing that does not cause scratches and enhances the life of your car.

    Novel Invention:

    DetailXPerts has invented some novel ways of car washing that are eco friendly and protect the car paintwork for long time. Steam car wash is an eco friendly and green way of car washing. That eliminates the need of water as well as harsh detergents that spoils the environment. Cleaning process that uses only 2 gallons of water to wash 15 cars helps preserve the environment. We employ specially formulated chemicals to provide ultimate in car washing.

    Steam wash offers many benefits over hand wash. The car is cleaned with safe steam temperature of around 177 degrees F safeguarding the gloss and texture of the surface. It preserves finish of exteriors and interiors of the car as fresh as original. Steam wash sterilizes and sanitizes the vehicle and gives extra safety when you romp home in your car with a lot of dust and grime.

    Meeting local regulatory requirements and saving our environment is a need of the hour. DetailXPerts unfold a new vision and ways to preserve our environment through our innovative ways and green methods. Next time when you think about washing your car, think about this novel method of steam wash to save your car from scratches. At that time, you will also feel great saving our environment.

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