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5 Things Most People Forget When Cleaning Their Vehicles

  • 5 Things Most People Forget When Cleaning Their Vehicles
    August 11, 2011

    When is the last time that you gave your car a bath? The last time you scrubbed its tires, shined its windows, and waxed its paint? Unless you are dedicated to a regular car wash routine, it has probably been awhile. Neglecting to wash your car is understandable. Life gets in the way of so many chores that really should get done. But it’s not acceptable if you want to maintain your car as well as possible. There are things that people forget when cleaning their vehicles.

    Whether you like it or not, cleaning your car is one of the constant things you have to deal with on a monthly basis. Dirt and dust mites can accumulate in the car seat or the floor of your car. Once a month your car’s interior will need a little more than a quick wipe-down. After a month, your interior glass will have some film buildup. Moreover, the carpet will need to be vacuumed, and the dash, console and other vinyl parts will need to have their protection renewed. Many times there are places that people forget when cleaning their vehicles. Listed below are:

    The Top 5 Things You Don’t Want to Forget When Detailing your Vehicle.

    1. Vacuuming Between the Seats: Make sure when you are vacuuming, that you move the seats all the way forward. Then move them all the way back to get any accumulated debris from under the seats. This is a commonly missed gesture which could be easily remembered. You may need to get a crevice attachment for your vacuum to fit in the small spaces. Frequent vacuuming removes much of the dirt that accelerates wear and tear of the fabric and carpet. Pull down the center arm rest in the back seat and vacuum around that and in the creases of all the seats.
    2. Windows: Window cleaning has always been a big challenge. Have you ever noticed how much better your car looks when the windows are perfectly clean? Yet, many of us ignore the windows when we wash because it adds a few precious minutes. When you clean your windows, you should roll them down slightly, clean the outer edges, then the rest of the glass. The effects of dirty glass can quickly ruin the appearance of your perfectly polished and waxed car.
    3. Headliner / Sun Visor: Car headliners get dirty over time. Keeping the headliner clean can add to the overall attractiveness of the vehicle. As you clean your car do not forget to clean the headliners. Unless you know there is a stain there, you might forget to clean this vital part of your car’s interior. Simple maintenance can keep a car’s headliner looking like new. Analyze any stains in the headliner that you find. Different spots require different types of treatment. You do not need professional detailing services to clean a car headliner.
    4. Exterior Undercarriage: Many people forget to clean the underside, or undercarriage of their car when washing it themselves. Cleaning underneath is just as important as making sure the car looks shiny and clean. Some people forget to clean the undercarriage or think that is will be cleaned when driving through a puddle during a rain storm. The truth is dirt and debris can build up underneath one’s car. Mufflers, wiring and bolts under the car can erode if not cleaned, and if the part breaks, it can be costly.
    5. Trunk Jams: Doorjambs serve many purposes. First, they act as a seal between the door and the body, shielding the elements, wind, and temperatures from the cabin. Even more, these areas usually never get rinsed off when washed. Most people will never look twice at the doorjambs, but that is not the case with a car enthusiast or hobbyist detailer. Cleaning truck jambs makes the car look better maintained, and cleaner overall. The best thing about cleaning your trunk jambs is you will greatly decrease the risk of rust forming around your trunk.

    Stepping inside a freshly cleaned car?

    Most car owners are happy to stay in their comfort zone and rarely go any further than washing and waxing their vehicles. The headliner often gets dirty when we put our hands up near the roof of the car. But, when we take things in and out of the vehicle And especially if we have little kiddos climbing in and out of the car with any regularity. Cleaning your windows is one of the most tedious tasks you will face. But it needs to be done. We should clean the undercarriage whenever possible so it is stays clean and the car can continue to run properly. When you touch all of these things and straighten them up and tidy, it feels like you are in heaven.

    Maintaining a clean car is about more than just looking good as you drive down the highway. It’s about taking care of an investment and ensuring that you get the most out of your vehicle. By keeping in mind these places that people forget when cleaning their vehicles,  they will be well on the way to taking great care of the car’s interior and exterior! Keeping your car clean inside and out makes it look good. But also has a bearing on its value, and will enable you to notice areas that need attention before they get too bad.

    If you don’t have time to do the job yourself, you can always give us a call – we offer wide range of professional detailing services to make your life easier while still have the opportunity to drive a clean and sterilized car!

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