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Detailing a Motorcycle with Advanced Steam Technology

  • How to Detail a Motorcycle
    August 29, 2011

    The motorcycle has been an American fascination for over 100 years, and its notoriety continues to grow. Motorcycles are trendy vehicles that are known for its power, style, and long drive. Throughout this rich history of bike and rider, motorcycle care has evolved as well.

    Cruising down the road looks great if you leave behind a good impression. However, this depends on the cleanliness of your bike. Regular cleaning will help to maintain the shiny appearance. Water might be considered the most usual way of cleaning; however, other advanced ways of cleaning are available. Try replacing water with a liquid cleaner or steam cleaning that uses a percentage of water.

    Detail a Motorcycle – Prep

    Any time you detail a vehicle, whether it is a car or motorcycle, park it in the shade. Direct sunlight can dry up soaps and leave behind a film or residue. Additionally, the surface of the bike needs to be cool as well to begin the process.

    There is a need for specialty products that introduce new methods to clean, protect, and maintain these rides. Let’s face it; on a motorcycle, the interior and exterior are essentially the same. However, it should be fun to detail a motorcycle.

    Liquid Cleaners

    Liquid cleaners shorten the amount of time it takes to clean your motorcycle. Moreover, they also help remove oil marks, tar, and dirt. This saves you the hassle of running your vehicle to the detailer as well if you are short on time.

    Spray liquid cleaner on the surface of the motorbike to quickly pick up dirt and grime. Then, rub the surface using a sponge. After a few seconds, use a cotton cloth to dry and remove any lingering residue.

    Steps to Detail a Motorcycle

    Get it Ready: Once you have the bike in the shade, you can use a lift to allow access to the wheels. If you don’t, just detail the entire motorcycle and go back to touch up wheels.

    Remove Parts: Anything that will get in the way such as the windshield, sissy bar, saddlebags, side panels and any other accessories that prevent you from access to the main components you want detailed.

    Divide into Sections: As with every detail, begin with small sections of the motorcycle. An easy way to do this is to separate by the left and right side. Then, divide the bike into three: Front (front wheel, fender, and fork); Middle – (gas tank, engine, exhaust, and seat) and Rear – (rear wheel, fender, and suspension.)

    Choose a Side: First, begin with the wheels by spraying a tire cleaner. While that is soaking, you can scrub the sidewalls. Start at one end of the motorcycle and work your way around, working in the sections determined earlier. Make sure you rinse after each one.

    Motorcycle Detailing - WaxingClean the Body: At this point, the bike has been scrubbed. Combine soap and warm water in a bucket, using a soft cloth to wash the body. Also, make sure you rinse the vehicle thoroughly once finished. Additionally, you can spray down the parts you removed before you get ready to put them back on your motorcycle.

    Finally, your motorcycle should be dried off. As an optional step, you can add some final touches like wax, lacquer on your tire walls, tire shine, chrome polishers, and other products that will add the extra shine to your motorcycle.

    Professional Motorcycle Detailing

    If you want to get your bike cleaned by a pro in a more eco-friendly manner, DetailXPerts offers steam cleaning. The advantage with steam is that it breaks loose sticky substances. Additionally, steam will sanitize important areas like the saddle, seat, and handle-grips. However, don’t apply any petroleum based cleaners on your motorbike. Even though they quickly remove grease and grime, they tend to deteriorate vinyl and rubber parts.

    DetailXPerts is dedicated to serving you with the specific products to ensure the proper maintenance, as well as, enhance the beauty of your motorcycle. We offer the same professional quality results for your motorcycle that you have come to expect from our automotive detailing. We have the specialized tools, an excellent knowledge of motorcycles, and an eye for detail which come together to transform your weekend toy back to its original “Showroom Shine.”

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