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How Often Should You Wash Your Car?

  • How Often Should You Wash Your Car
    October 20, 2011

    Although the question “How often should you wash your car?” is very individual, we would say, “Basically, once a week.” Why? Because cars are constantly infected with contaminants. Dirt, tree saps, mist, and bird droppings affect the beauty and proper functioning of the prized vehicle if not cleaned regularly. It can be done at home or by professionals at their detailing location. It is, however, not certain how often the owner should wash their car. Some folks do it a couple of times a year. Others perhaps once a year. Some do it once a month. In general, washing your vehicle is one thing every car owner does a number of times during the period they own a vehicle.


    The Question Is, How Often Should You Wash Your Car?

    There are certain factors which govern the frequency of washing or detailing your vehicle. They may help you frame a washing schedule and keep the car shiny all the time. These factors include your location and its respective climate, the size of the car and how often you ride it, and whether you park it in a garage or let it remain under the sky. The only way to keep the vehicle looking its best, is to get it steam cleaned by professional detailing services on a consistent schedule.


    Factors to Consider When Deciding How Often to Wash Your Car

    Wash Your Car - How Often?

    1. Location

    The location of the car owner can influence the cleaning frequency because if you live in coastal areas, you will need to wash your car more often or as many times as possible within a month. This is because salt in the air and other dirt from the coast affect the car if you do not wash it often. If your residence is in a posh and dust free zone, you can schedule the wash once a month. Industrial area residents should also clean their vehicles frequently as chemical particles may build up in the car and destroy its body and the paintwork.


    2. Traveling

    Some people travel a lot to different places quite regularly. These travels on open roads, therefore, expose their vehicle to dust, vegetation and mud. That leads to scratches and cracks on the windows and the car’s exterior. Therefore, wash your car every week or two to preserve its shine and performance for a long time.


    3. Climate

    If you drive in winter, you are likely to get snow, salt and mud on the vehicle which eats away at the paint. As a result, washing your car once a week is critical. In the springtime, there is lot of pollen and other things floating around in the air. Once a week, in this case, is a minimum frequency to wash your car. The same goes for vehicles in high humidity locations.

    Moisture attracts contaminants and promotes a variety of chemical reactions that can destroy your car’s chrome and painted surfaces. If you live in a climate where sand or salt is used on the road surface, be sure to rinse inside the wheel wells also. In seasons or climates less conductive to corrosion, a wash every two weeks or so is adequate. In areas with acid rain, we advise to get a car wash every ten days. If you already have a problem with your car paint, be sure to check our post on how to remove oxidation from car paint.


    4. Temperature

    Temperature accelerates the problem of erosion. Acid from bugs, bird droppings, tree sap and even tree leaves become more active when heated. Metal retains heat when sitting out in the sun, which in turn increases the chances of permanent stains when left on your car. For that reason, washing your vehicle every now and then is necessary to nullify the temperature hazard.


    5. Precaution

    Assuming that your vehicle has received a thorough polish and wax after the previous wash, a customary wash should be carried out randomly at your convenience just to get rid of any dirt and impurities that may have built up over time. This will return the car to its original clean state without much trouble.


    However, the only way to keep your car looking its best is to get a professional clean it. See how is professional detailing different than the regular car wash. There are many car detailing services who offer their service at affordable cost. That relieves your burden of washing and let you roam free to enjoy the life that you love most.


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