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Local Car Wash vs. Auto Detailing Franchise

  • November 14, 2011

    Local Car wash vs Auto Detailing FranchiseWhich do you prefer – local car wash or auto detailing? Many individuals face this constant dilemma of choosing either a local carwash or hire the services of an auto detailing franchise. Everyone should wash the exterior of their every day vehicle at least once a month. The cleanliness of one’s vehicle depends on the individual. Hence, the reason we have options! They may be more of the environmentally friendly type or very busy with no time to wait and feel the local car wash around the corner will be quick and easy.

    The car wash is a facility used to clean the exterior and in some cases, the interior of motor vehicles. Whereas the auto detailing is the process of a thorough cleaning, polishing and waxing to produce a better finish of the car. Besides improving its appearance, detailing helps to preserve the resale value of the vehicle.

    When choosing the best option there is going to be pros and cons in both. When deciding keep in mind these factors: money & time savings, work quality, and environmentally friendly.

    Saving Money & Time?

    For the local car wash, you need not have to worry about paying for the water you use. On the other hand, local car washes need huge investment for power, commercial land and detergents. In addition, a long line of cars is always waiting to be cleaned at these outlets making the car owners wait for long hours for their service opportunity. Local car wash users feel as though the process is quick and easy. And rarely realize they are wasting money as they wait for their vehicle to get cleaned.

    Mobile auto detailing is more popular because it allows you to get your vehicle detailed while you continue to handle your business. You can be at work, or home while you vehicle is getting steam cleaned. You would be saving money because you can be working while your vehicle is being detailed. Using a mobile detailing service allows you to save time because the technician comes to you, allowing you to continue to do your everyday activities. In addition, it provides expert attention and deep cleaning that transforms your vehicle.

    Work Quality

    Good car maintenance is important to keep the vehicle looking great and properly functioning. It can easily be done at the car wash facility in the neighborhood. However, along with the basic maintenance such as checking tire pressure and fluid checks, auto detailing franchises can help preserve the exterior finish of your vehicle. Local car washes in the neighbor normally only do one thing and that is too clean the exterior of the vehicle.
    Auto Detailing Franchise
    In each case, the car looks immaculate right after the wash. Key words are: Right after the wash! Remember looks are deceiving. Local car washes use huge dirty brushes that scratch and damage the exterior of your vehicle while leaving swirl marks. The paintwork of the car cleaned by an auto detailing franchise is in much better condition than one cleaned by the local car wash this is because the detail technician has taken proper care of the vehicle paying attention to every little detail.

    Environmentally Friendly?

    Additionally, car wash outlets consume excessive amounts of water and this causes pollution within the local waterways due to chemically produced environmentally unfriendly detergents. Many commercial car washes aren’t that serious to recycle the rinsed water even to this today. Which leads to losing the modern day customers and revenues for the local car wash units.

    However, the professional auto detailing services minimize pollution by either treating water onsite or pumping wastewater into the sewage system where it is treated downstream. In addition, some auto detailing franchisees use steam for detailing cars to conserve water. Most importantly the use of steam is to help preserve the degrading stock of the precious natural resources – water.

    Most franchisees are associated with major auto detailing chains with established brand names that reassure the car owners and make them feel secure of their investment. Many of them offer eco friendly mobile services right at the location of the cars and give hassle free auto detailing for low budget.

    In A Nutshell:

    The quality of the cars exterior when done at a local car wash has a completely different effect on automobiles paint. The local car wash is harmful to the car’s exterior finish. The cleaning and detailing rates at these car wash outlets also are inconsistent. The rate are most strongly based on the rush season

    Auto detailing franchises have no such concerns for the car owners when it come to damaging the exteriors finish. Their units are completely self–reliant and equipped with the ultra-modern gadgets. With their own power and water, they offer variety of services, from polishing and buffing of the car on the outside, to its shampooing and glossing the interior components. All the polishes used by these franchisees are of high quality and tested before actually applying them on the cars. They have fully trained technicians which reassures the car owners and gives them a sound peace of mind.

    Invariably, the car owner would prefer the auto detailing franchise, which is branded, established, and has a large database of satisfied customers. What makes most mobile detailing franchises stand ahead of the rest is they offer eco friendly detailing service to please the environmentalists as well as the public.

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