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Why Choose a Green Business Over a Regular One?

  • Why Choose a Green Business Over a Regular One?
    December 12, 2011

    Most of us race through life with little time leftover to think about the where, how and why of the things we use and consume. We tend to take things for granted because we seem to have access to so many abundant resources. Or do we?

    Let’s take water for example — a key natural resource we can’t live without. We seem to have oceans of it, yet, although 75 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered with water, less than one percent is freshwater, available for our consumption. On average, we use 176 gallons of water daily.

    How about the food we consume? The Environmental Protection Agency published that we generate a staggering 243 million tons of waste materials in 2009, of which 34 million tons goes as food waste. That same year, a study showed that a quarter of our water and 4% of our oil consumption annually go into producing and distributing food that ultimately ends up in landfills. And yet, the recently released Census Bureau annual report, based on 2010 figures, reveals 1 in 6 Americans are poor.

    There’s also good reason for the global gravitation towards clean, green and renewable energy too. While previous energy transitions (wood to coal and coal to oil) were gradual and evolutionary; the rise of the world oil production will be abrupt and revolutionary, thus requiring a revolutionary solution as well.

    In our especially sluggish economic times, where necessity requires that we make do with less, this is as perfect a time for sustainable lifestyles that will help our dollars and cents go further and our eco footprints smaller, not just for ourselves but for our younger generations as well, to be able to enjoy the richness of our natural heritage, which is quickly losing ground under the groundswell of our consumerist ways.

    Why Go Green?

    While there are companies who try to pull marketing gimmicks with their green campaigns, they are yet more like DetailXPerts who are in it for the long haul with the use of environmentally benign tools and car detailing products. The technologies we use have been designed from the ground up, and our services are structured with the primary intention of being environmentally responsible.

    Standard professional detailing methods and techniques that produce wastewater and sludge, will lead to groundwater contamination which can be harmful to humans, plants, and animals. This can create a problem unless it is treated.

    In contrast, DetailXPerts’ car steam cleaning techniques and organic cleaning products use a tiny fraction of water and cause minimal impact on our natural habitat with our detailing methods. We deliver the best value for our customers’ needs while simultaneously conserving on our natural resources. A win-win-win all round.

    There is a cause and effect to whatever choices we make and we are fortunate to be living in an age where knowledge and information abounds to help remove a lot of the guesswork when it comes to making informed decisions.
    Why Choose a Green Business
    Green topics are not going away any time soon because no living thing — we being the dominant and smartest species — nor natural asset, exists in a vacuum. That’s just the nature of ecological systems.

    As individuals, the amount of weight one pulls may seem tiny. But, when it is applied to our routine activities, throughout a year and multiplied by the millions of us in numbers, the results are that much more compelling and far-reaching.

    So, how about the next time before you choose where to: do your grocery shopping, shop at the local retailers, seek professional services or go on vacation, find out what their corporate responsibility are on green topics and if they reflect your own eco aspirations and values.

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