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How to Remove Blood Stains from Car’s Interior?

  • Blood Stains
    January 9, 2012

    How to Remove Blood Stains from Car’s Interior?

    Blood stains are one of the most common yet most difficult to remove fluids in carpet and upholstery. Blood clots fast – but before it does, it seeps through and sticks onto the threads of fabrics and upholstery. This is why you need to remove blood stains immediately. Otherwise, you will be left with ugly marks that could ruin the beauty of your car’s interior. Not to mention that wet blood attracts dirt, germs, and bacteria that can compromise your health and that of your loved ones.

    Removing blood stains from carpet and upholstery needs more than blotting out excess fluids. Improperly done, blood stains leave marks that may seem faint and unnoticeable initially, but with the passage of time and heat exposure, those marks will develop into stains that can be impossible to remove. So, how do you remove blood stains?

    5 Green Ways to Remove Blood Stains

    There are many ways to remove blood stains, but as a green car wash, we try to stay away from chemically-laden auto detailing products. Besides, why buy costly stain removal products when there are items in your home that you can use at no extra cost? Here are five of them:

    1. Saltwater Solution

    Dilute two teaspoons of salt in a cup of cold water. Get a white cloth and dip it into the saltwater solution. Use this to blot the stain from the carpet or upholstery. If you have a large stain, work from the edges until you reach the center. This will stop the stain from spreading to unaffected areas. Rinse with cold water and dry thoroughly. Repeat the process if necessary.

    2. Baking Soda Solution

    In a small bowl, put one tablespoon of baking soda. Add two tablespoons of water. Mix well. With a white cloth, dab this solution on the stain. Let it rest for about 30 minutes. Rinse with a cloth dipped in cold water. Dry the area with a soft towel.

    3. Meat Tenderizer Paste

    Create a paste by mixing a tablespoon each of meat tenderizer and cold water. Apply this on the affected area with your fingers. Let it rest for an hour or so. Then, gently scrape the paste with an old toothbrush. To ensure that the stain won’t affect other areas, work your way from the edges to the center. Remove the crust with a towel dipped in cold water. Dry thoroughly.

    4. Hydrogen Peroxide

    This is perhaps the best and fastest solution to blood stains, but it should be used with utmost care and attention. You can pour it directly on the stain but should be wiped off immediately as soon as the foam disappears. This is to prevent the solution from damaging unaffected areas.

    5. Lemon

    Get a slice of lemon and dab it on the stain. Allow to rest for a few minutes – do not dry. Lemon juice contains natural acids that can damage carpet, seats and upholstery when left to dry. Rinse with a towel dipped in cold water.

    NOTE: Always test a solution on an inconspicuous area of your car interior to prevent further damage.

    These are just five natural ways to remove fresh blood stains. For old and stubborn stains, your best bet would be to get specialty professional detailing services. They have the right tools, skills, and experience for removing such unsightly stains.

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