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How to Remove Mildew Smell in Car?

  • February 27, 2012

    how-to-remove-mildew-growth-in-cars All of us have encountered this problem in some point of our life. We are on the highway after a day of hectic schedule. We just roll down our windows to feel the wind and when we reach home, we just forget to close our windows. You forget about all these until you hear the roar of thunder and by then, it is too late. If your car seats have been badly soaked with the rains, then you cannot prevent the entry of our new guests, which are lots and lots of mildew. In a few days’ time, you are bound to notice the smell of mildew in your car which is not good for your health. There are effective ways through which you can combat and neutralize the odor of mildew and all these can be achieved through simple cleaning techniques. However, in adverse situations, you must seek the expertise of mobile auto detailing so that you can get rid of mildew odor permanently.

    Steps to Remove Mildew Odor from Car

    1. Find the source of the odor: Locating the spots where the mildew growth has occurred is extremely important. Carefully check through the car upholstery, rugs, air conditioning vents and spare tires for mildew odors. If you want to check out if the mold growth is in the air conditioner, then you can just start the A/C and check. Mold growth in A/C is actually indicative of a moldy air filter. For cleaning A/C vents, you can use cotton swabs that are dipped in window cleaner. If you still feel that you’re A/C has not been cleaned out completely, then you can run the heater at full-blast for 10-15 minutes and also make sure to leave the windows open.
    2. Dry the Car Interiors: Park the car somewhere warm and you can leave the car doors open for a few hours so that the interior of the car becomes completely dry. Remove the floor mats and dry them separately.
    3. Cleaning up mildew spots: You need to clean the mildew spots by using a clean shop towel. For tough growth, you should use a dish sponge and vacuum so that you can scrub the growth easily. After you have cleaned the growth areas, you need to completely dry them. Use a hair-dryer for spot drying, which will be helpful to remove traces of moisture from your vehicle.
    4. Baking Soda: This component can help you greatly in removing the growth and odor of mildew from your car. Sprinkle baking soda on the upholstery and floor of the car. You can slowly spread it into the rugs. You can let it remain overnight and can then vacuum it to remove the mildew completely. Also, you can keep a bowl containing baking soda on the floorboard of your car so that it will absorb any of the remaining smell of mildew.
    5. Use an air-freshener: To bring back the pleasant self smell in your car, you can make use of an air freshener, but make sure that you use it only after you have cleaned the vehicle properly.

    Many a times, home remedies for removal of mildew odors may not work well and in such cases, you need to make use of professional detailing services.

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