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Top 5 Mistakes Car Owners Make when Choosing a Car Wash Service

  • March 19, 2012

    Top 5 Mistakes Car Owners Make when Choosing a Car Wash Service Buying and owning a car is definitely an investment to most of the car owners and it is their joy and pride as well. No car owner wants to drive a poorly kept car and thus, it becomes quite important to pick the right car wash service. However, many of the car owners make unnecessary and silly mistakes while choosing their car wash service. In order to avoid these mistakes, it is important to first understand what these mistakes are.

    Top Five Mistakes When Choosing a Car Wash Service

    1. Services and Costs: One of the common mistakes that is made by car owners is with regards to the cost of the service. Many a times, they feel shy to ask about the price of the package. Sometimes, the car owners may ask about the price of the entire package but may not use all the services in the package. Even then, many of the car wash services may charge the full cost of the package which is simply a waste of money. Finding costs and services and comparing them with the other car wash services is mandatory before they decide to service their car.
    2. Cleaning Methods and Techniques: It is possible that most of the car owners are not fully versed about the different kinds of car wash services which are available out there. Each type of car is different and thus, each of them requires a different cleaning technique. Sometimes, car owners do not realize this and might choose the wrong type of service for their car. Many car owners may also go for chemical cleaning services which might harm the car in a bad manner when compared to chemical-free and eco-friendly services.
    3. Mobile Detailing Services: Just because mobile detailing is extremely convenient, it does not mean that you should opt for it. Many a times, the condition of your car is not suitable for mobile auto detailing services and hence, car owners should not make the wrong decision of going in for mobile detailing just because it is the current trend.
    4. Cleaning Effects: Car owners need to have a good idea as to how long the effect of the last treatment is going to last on the car. Many car owners waste money unnecessarily by going for detailing services too soon. You should make sure that your detailer offers long-lasting services which will be a very cost-effective approach. If your car’s exterior is waxed, sealed and preserved and the interior free of dust, then it means that your car is still in high class shine and does not require services right now. A car owner should have a good understanding on how often his car requires services.
    5. Warranty Services: There is a strong possibility that auto detailers might commit mistakes while servicing your car such as accidental damage to the car’s carpeting or finish. If you are going for professional detailing experts, then they would most likely extend warranty for their services. Car owners should never hand their precious asset in the hands of detailers who are not willing to offer warranty on their services.

    Car owners may feel that they know all about their car, but they need to spend some time in understanding the actual detailing requirements of their vehicle before they decide on which car wash service to go for.

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