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How to Clean a Baby Car Seat Cover?

  • May 21, 2012

    how-to-clean-baby-car-seat There is no doubt that life with a baby is a blessing yet it makes your life quite messy and cluttered. And a baby’s car seat cover is no exception to this. Some of the common things which can be seen on a baby’s car seat are bits of food, spilled beverages, milk and spit and these things can spoil the car seat. You should give due importance to a baby’s car seat cover and it should be cleaned in the same manner you clean your car seats as cleanliness and hygiene are quite important while taking care of your baby. Just by dedicating a little of your time during the weekends can make a big difference. You can easily clean the baby car seat cover at home, however, if you are running out of time, then you must take your baby seat cover along with the car to a mobile auto detailer for a professional cleanup.

    Cleaning a Baby Car Seat Cover

    1. Firstly, start by taking the car seat cover from your car and keep it wrapped inside a blanket in your driveway. Before you start cleaning your baby car seat, make sure you take out all the baby toys.
    2. Use a cordless vacuum which will help you to take out dirt and food particles from the car seat. A portable vacuum cleaner will work the best in such circumstances and it will help to take out dirt from the hard to reach areas.
    3. You can make use of gentle soap and water for cleaning the plastic parts of the car seat.
    4. If it is possible, you can remove the complete car seat cover and you can run it on the gentle cycle of your washing machine. To make sure that it is dried completely, you can dry it outside on the clothesline and do not dry it in the dryer as there are chances it may shrink.
    5. In case you cannot remove the car seat cover, you can spot clean the stained areas but make sure to keep the car doors open for a couple of hours so that the smell of fumes do not stay inside the car.
    6. The dirtiest places on the car seat cover are the car seat’s arms and the bottom part so make sure that you scrub these parts properly.
    7. The baby’s car toys are as dirty as the car seats, so make sure that you clean them as well.

    You must take good care of your baby’s car seat and should clean them as often as possible; especially if there have been any recent spills or vomits on them. Although you can easily clean them at your home, you may use the help of professional detailers from time to time so that the baby’s car seat remains crystal clean and looks brand new.

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