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Top 5 Car Maintenance Myths

  • Top 5 Car Maintenance Myths
    June 28, 2012

    Let us consider some of the common car maintenance myths which There is no doubt that there are abundant misconceptions with regards to maintaining your car. Even if you have the best intention, it may sometimes lead to over expenditure or worse, it can harm your vehicle or even jeopardize your safety. Let us consider some of the common car care myths which are bound to harm your vehicle rather than doing any good.

    Myth No:1 : You should change the engine oil after every 3,000 miles

    Reality: This is one of the common car maintenance myths that are encountered by most of the car owners. Most of the oil companies and quick-lube shops exclusively advertise about changing your car’s engine oil after driving more than 3,000 miles. However, it is strongly advised that you must always follow the service intervals that are provided in your car owner’s manual. You will be definitely shocked to learn that most of the cars are designed in such a way that you can go to about 7,500 miles before going for an oil change.

    Myth No: 2: Since regular-grade fuel is found to be a good option, then premium-grade fuel must be a better alternative.

    Reality: Regular grade fuel which is 87 octane fuel suits most of the vehicles. Spending extra money on premium is not going to help in the performance of your vehicle. If the fuel has a higher octane number it just means that you will encounter lesser pre-ignition problems.

    Myth No: 3: Just after the jump-start, your car will start recharging its battery.

    Reality: In order to restore your car’s battery to its full charge, it will certainly take hours and hours of driving, especially during the winter season. This is mainly because the power accessories like the heated seats take up a lot of electricity which will leave only a little recharge.

    Myth No: 4: Before you start your driving, you must give time to warm up your engine for a few minutes.

    Reality: This tip works for cars of yesteryears but it is not applicable on cars of today. Engines of modern cars warm up quickly and the quicker they warm up, the faster they reach their maximum efficiency and in this manner, they deliver their best performance.

    Myth No: 5: Your dealer must conduct regular maintenance which will help to keep the factory warranty valid.

    Reality: You can perform the maintenance at any auto-repair shop especially if the maintenance items have been mentioned in the manual of the car owner.

    Hope now that you know these top 5 car maintenance myths, you will be able to take better care of your vehicle. And if you need to take care of the cleanness of your car or truck, too – call our If some facts about your car are bothering you, it would be best to consult with mobile detailing experts so that they will be able to help you out regarding what is the truth to schedule an appointment!.

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