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How to Keep Your Car Smelling Clean Between Steam Cleaning Details

  • How to Keep Your Car Smelling Clean Between Steam Cleaning Details
    August 2, 2012

    Everybody wants to ride a car that smells clean. If you drive to and from work, you spend a significant part of your day inside your car especially when the road traffic is often heavy. Keeping your car smelling fresh and clean does not have to be difficult at all.

    One of the surest ways to keep your car smelling clean is by sending it in for an organic cleaning. Interior steam cleaning rids your car of microbes that can cause bad odor and disease such as E. coli, salmonella and listeria. Organic cleaning ensures that you are not exposed to harmful fumes and toxic residues. Plus, steam cleaning is an environmentally-friendly way to clean your car.

    However, there may be some things that you need to do to maintain the cleanliness of your car and to keep it smelling fresh before bringing it for the next steam cleaning session:

    Steps For Good Smelling Car

    • First, get rid of the garbage inside your car. Dump food and drink containers in the garbage bin at the end of each day. Remember, bits of food that cling to food containers can attract odor-causing microbes such as bacteria and molds.

      If you can help it, do not eat in your car, especially if you are a messy eater. As mentioned above, food bits are a magnet to microbes. Not only that, some types of foods have pungent odors which could cling to your car upholstery and might be difficult to get rid of.

    • Keep smokers out of your car. If you smoke, do it somewhere else. Tobacco is one of the worst malodorous culprits that could make a five-minute ride in your car just too much to bear. Cigarette smell is often difficult to get rid of because it stubbornly clings to fabric.

    • For stubborn odors, look for the spot that smells, put some baking soda and then vacuum after about an hour. You may need to bring your car in for steam cleaning if regular cleaning does not get rid of smell.

    • Vacuum your car upholstery and carpet at least once a week. Dust and grime buildup can cause your car to smell stale and musty. A weekly vacuum can keep unpleasant odors at bay. For buildups that are next to impossible to get rid of, steam cleaning usually is the solution.

    • Keep your car mats clean. If you live an area where there is dust everywhere, make sure you shake out your car mats at the end of the day. Also, inspect the car mats for any smelly substances that may stick to them. If they are really dirty, you may need to wash them.

    • Be sure to clean the car windows regularly. Stains and odors can cling to glass, so make sure that you clean the inside part of the windows, too.

    • If your car smells funky and you need to get rid of the odor fast, use an odor-eliminating spray, not just an odor-masking spray. Find whether the smell comes from the air conditioning system. If yes, turn the engine on, spray the inside of the car, and allow the air conditioning unit to recirculate the air for five minutes.

    • If you want your car to keep smelling fresh throughout the day, you can use a car freshener. You can buy one at the store or you can make a homemade potpourri. If you are going to use a car freshener that comes in a spray can, be careful with the fumes. Make sure that you and your passengers are not allergic to the car freshener that you use.

    A clean car is a fresh-smelling car. If your car is not as clean or as sweet-smelling as you want it to be, the best solution to your problem is organic cleaning. Interior steam cleaning will get rid of anything that causes the problem, but you also need to maintain your car’s cleanliness by following the tips mentioned above.

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