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How Often Should You Clean Your Car’s Engine

  • How Often Should You Clean Your Car’s Engine
    November 5, 2012

    Your engine is the most important and one of the most expensive parts of your car. This is why you should clean your car’s engine periodically.

    But why should you do so when other car owners do not perform a detail on their engines anyway? Some detailers are even wary of doing it. It’s because they are afraid of damaging something.

    But did you know an unclean engine can pose more danger than a clean one? Accumulated dust, dirt, oil, and grime on the engine can hide leaks that may cause engine fire in the long run. Not to mention that clean engines function better.

    The question is, how often should you clean your car’s engine?

    The answer lies in the factors that may affect your engine’s condition as outlined below.


    Factors that Can Affect Frequency of Engine Cleaning

    Environment Effects

    Urban and City: For car owners who live in urban areas or areas with low amounts of dust and minimal snowfall, it is recommended to have 1-2 steam cleaning of the engine a year. In cases such as these, grime accumulation is relatively low, so a simple wipe down of the engine during the occasional detailing will be ideal for between yearly professional steam cleaning services.

    Harsh Seasons and Dry Regions

    Arid regions experience large amounts of dust than other regions. Areas with harsh seasonal weather tend to have extensive rainfall and snowfall. In these regions, your vehicle is more prone to come in contact with snow, road salt and dust. All these substances can easily make its way to your engine bay and cause damage if not attended to. In conditions such as these, steam cleaning the engine should be done every 2-3 months during winter months. For dusty areas, 1-2 times per year is fine when supplemented by a wipe down.

    Other Tips

    Sometimes, you do not need a professional to check the condition of your engine. You can do a naked eye test and address the issue on your own.

    1. If you notice oil accumulating very quickly on the engine, check the PCV valve. If the valve has a blockage, pressure can build up in the crankcase and create oil leaks around the engine. When this occurs, replace the PCV valve and seek the services of a successful auto spa provider.
    2. Replacing head gaskets, valve covers or other components that may cause leaking of fluids are a good opportunity to have your engine steam cleaned. Not only does this clean away any sludge build up, it can also help with the diagnosis of other potential problems by making additional leaks noticeable.

    Regular and proper cleaning can improve the performance of your engine. It can also help extend the life of your vehicle, saving you lots of money down the road. Regular engine cleaning is as important as washing your car’s exterior and undercarriage. If you give your engine a good cleaning 1-2 times a year, you should be on your way to having a vehicle that not only looks beautiful, but runs smoothly too.

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